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Road to Transformation: Security Industry to Tap Innovative Security Technologies to Meet Challenges

With increasing demand for security solutions and solutions, AETOS’ new Headquarters is an example of how technology has transformed its service delivery.
A renewed focus on innovation, and officers who are better trained and equipped – that’s what our security solutions providers can look forward to in the years ahead. Making sure it’s ready for this transformation is AETOS, which has been a key partner in supporting the Home Team’s operations at large scale events.

Command Presence

Having served National Service (NS) with the Singapore Police Force (SPF), AETOS Inspector 2 (Insp) Shaikh Taufiq was serving his Operationally Ready National Service duties when a friend first broached the idea of working with the security services. Insp Taufiq had been attending university at that time and was also looking for a part-time job.

“During NS, I was overseeing security for F Division, so I already had some training on security. I wanted to explore further and see what I can contribute here,” said Insp Taufiq. “Fortunately, AETOS provided me with a part-time position, which allowed me to balance with my classes.”

Insp Taufiq was able to utilise his security training and add value to AETOS’ primary focus – providing security solutions to commercial entities and public agencies. “After I graduated, I transitioned into a full-time position as a Senior Officer.”

Insp Taufiq is currently Officer Commanding at AETOS’ Command Centre.

Now in his sixth year with AETOS, Insp Taufiq is currently Officer Commanding at AETOS’ Command Centre, which monitors and manages field personnel, vehicle fleets and a network of island-wide deployment sites from its new, purpose-built Headquarters in Jurong.

The command centre also acts as a coordinating body, monitoring AETOS’ static and mobile forces and coordinating deployments to respond to ad hoc incidents.

“The command centre serves as a nerve centre. From here, we are able to integrate the different parts of our businesses through collaboration and communication. We then pass on all the information gathered here to senior management for decision making,” said Insp Taufiq.

Mrs Josephine Teo (second from right) at the opening ceremony for AETOS’ Headquarters. PHOTO: Amni Amran

Nerve Centre
Besides the Command Centre, AETOS’ new seven-story Headquarters is equipped with a Cash Processing Centre and an Indoor Shooting Range, as well as intelligent access control technologies that save on manpower without compromising security. This was welcomed by Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister for Home Affairs and Manpower.

“AETOS is very actively involved in developing and test-bedding innovative security technologies. That to me is very significant…” said Mrs Teo during the Complex’s opening ceremony on 26 January 2018. “You continue to invest in your capabilities and you are bringing the industry along. By helping to meet the needs of service buyers in more effective ways, you’re also helping the industry become more productive.”

MHA has been working with AETOS and other industry partners on ways to develop the Security Industry Transformation Map (ITM) to meet the challenge in finding the manpower to meet the growing demand for security services. The Security ITM will look into technology adoption, smart sourcing and enhancing the skills of the individuals in the sector.

Insp Nge first joined the private security sector in 1990 as an Auxiliary Police officer. PHOTO: Amni Amran

Targeting Innovation and Skills
Having joined AETOS when it was established in 2004, AETOS Insp Nge Gea King is no stranger to the industry. He now manages AETOS’ in-house 25-metre firing range, which conducts live firing and weapons handling training for trainees and officers.

The shooting facility offers training for two types of weapons; the .38 revolver and the 9mm HK MP5. It can also simulate varying environments and scenarios through the use of lighting and targetry controls, and includes advanced safety features.

EAETOS’ indoor range offers advanced training and safety features. PHOTO: Amni Amran

A 28-year veteran in private security, Insp Nge knows that investment in building capabilities is essential in the new security landscape. 

“We used to conduct training at the Old Police Academy; shooters had to walk down to check their targets and walk back,” he recalled. “But now, everything is automated. Shooters stay at one location while the target moves back and forth, so we save a lot of time, manpower and cost.”

Written by

Desmond Ang


2 February 2018

Security Industry
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