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Science and Tech Guardians (Part 2)

Ready to take the Home Team (and their skills) to the next level – three MHA Science and Technology Sponsorship recipients share their experiences.
PHOTOS: Natasha Razak

You don't need to have a background in Science & Technology (S&T) to pursue a fulfilling career in the Home Team's S&T field! The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) S&T Sponsorship provides Home Team guardians with the opportunity to deepen their skills in a range of mission-critical domains. Find out why Alan, Vivienne and Haifaa can’t wait to start their S&T journeys.  

PHOTO: Natasha Razak

From the Ground to the Lab
Principal Forensic Examiner Alan Tan joined the Singapore Police Force (SPF) as a uniformed officer in 2002. Though he enjoyed his duties as a Ground Response Force officer, he was keen to apply his Policing skills in other ways. This motivated him to make the move to his current role at the Criminal Investigation Department’s Technology Crime Forensic Branch in 2011. 

Recovering and analysing digital data is a meticulous process that requires Alan to use an array of specialised tools. As part of his job, Alan recovers data from damaged or “dead” storage devices like memory cards, mobile chips and hard disks using specialised tools. The recovered data is then used to help SPF officers investigate cases and fight crime. 

Having received an MHA S&T Sponsorship in 2018, Alan hopes to pursue his undergraduate studies in Cyber Security and Forensics. “I’ve always been interested in Forensics,” he explained. “This Sponsorship will help me to increase my proficiency level and enhance the SPF’s capabilities in recovering data!”

PHOTO: Natasha Razak

A Data-driven Future
Vivienne He joined MHA as a Management Executive in 2013. Now a Finance Executive with the Singapore Prison Service, she manages payment matters and ensures that finance transactions are executed properly. 

After graduating with a degree in Business Management from the Singapore Management University, Vivienne was keen to join MHA. “I’ve always wanted to work in the Public Service,” she said, “and now, as a Home Team officer, I get to work on different portfolios.”

Having received an MHA S&T Sponsorship, Vivienne hopes to pursue a Master of Science in Business Analytics or a Master of Information Technology in Business. Her goal? To help the Home Team in its mission through the use of Data Science.  

“It’s important that we keep our skill-sets updated and stay relevant with the needs of the Home Team,” said Vivienne. “The future will be driven by data and innovation, and we need to develop the ability to understand, manipulate and use data to keep Singapore safe and secure!” 

PHOTO: Natasha Razak

Supporting Our Drug-busters Day and Night
As a Forensics Specialist with the Central Narcotics Bureau’s (CNB)’s Forensics Response Team (FORT), Haifaa Anwar plays multiple roles. Besides conducting digital forensic examinations of mobile phones recovered from suspects, she also takes photographs or draws sketches of crime scenes. 

FORT supports CNB’s Investigation Officers by examining and analysing various items and exhibits. The team does DNA swabbing; fingerprint dusting and enhancement; drying of wet exhibits; and the testing of drug-related items. 

Having served at CNB for three years, Haifaa will soon be pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Forensics. “I’ve always been intrigued by the structured process of gathering data from digital devices and reconstructing it to help investigators crack a case,” she said. 

In the meantime, she’s glad to do her part to keep Singapore drug-free, even if it means she has to work late into the night.“It gives me a sense of satisfaction to finish processing a crime scene at a time when most people are still sound asleep,” shared Haifaa. “I feel like I’ve done my part so that everyone can wake up to a safer Singapore!”

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Science and Tech Guardians (Part 1)

Written by

Natasha Razak


3 April 2019

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