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The Journey to Graduation: Becoming a Home Team Officer

The end of training marks a new beginning for trainees in the Singapore Police Force.
You could say that it runs in the family – when Sergeant (Sgt) Natassha Lydia Binte Julaimi graduated from the Direct-Entry Sergeant course, she became the third member of her family to join the Singapore Police Force (SPF). Her father is a musician in the SPF band and her brother is a Police Coast Guard (PCG) officer.

Asked how it feels to have three Home Team officers living under one roof, Ms Maslinda Rahmat, Sgt Natassha’s mother, quipped, “With my husband in the Force, I felt secure. Now, with two additional officers in the house, I feel even safer!”

Graduating with pride: Sgt Natassha (centre) with her parents, SSgt Julaimi Bin Jumali and Ms Maslinda Rahmat. PHOTO: Muhamad Khair

A Six-month Training Stint
Sgt Natassha graduated from the Direct-Entry Sergeant course at the Home Team Academy (HTA) together with 29 aspiring SPF frontline officers on 30 April 2018. 

Under the Direct-Entry Sergeant course, trainees undergo a comprehensive, six-month training programme which includes lessons in criminal law, physical training and community policing, as well as leadership development. 

Trainees spend three months in the Police Officers Basic Course (POBC) and another three on attachment at a Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC). There, they “shadow” Ground Response Force (GRF) officers – the vocation trainee-sergeants will undertake once they graduate. 

From the Classroom to Real Life 
“The POBC provides guidelines on what we should do,” said Sgt Natassha. “But when you’re on the ground, you have to really think about how you’re going to react.”

Three months as a GRF officer gave Sgt Natassha a taste of life on the frontlines. She recalled having to respond to a case involving a drug offender. Arriving at the scene, she didn’t know what to expect – other officers were already there and her team was called to escort the suspect, a man in his late-20s, back to the Police station. 

The situation took a dramatic turn when the man started salivating and jerking around uncontrollably, showing signs of a seizure. “Yes, it was scary,” recounted Sgt Natassha. “But once I knew what we were facing, I was mentally prepared.”

After ensuring that the suspect was stable Sgt Natassha’s team handed him over to Changi General Hospital, where he was treated for his condition. “My experience at the NPC was an eye-opener for me; I never knew it was that busy,” said Sgt Natassha. “And it’s a surprise every single time.” 

Enduring Lessons in Service
The person who inspired Sgt Natassha’s to pursue a career in the SPF was her father, Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Julaimi Bin Jumali. He spent 25 years as a Police officer, serving five years with the PCG before joining the SPF Band. 

“I hope that after her graduation, Natassha will learn as much as she can as she serves as a ground officer,” said the 50-year-old. “If there’s anything she’s not sure about, she can always turn to her colleagues, her brother or me for guidance. She still has a lot to learn.”

As she leaves the familiar grounds of the HTA, Sgt Natassha carries not only fond memories of her training, but also enduring lessons which will help her carry out her duties as a frontline Police officer.
Ready to serve: Sgt Natassha (first row, third from left), with her squad, R9/2017. PHOTO: Natassha Lydia Binte Julaimi

Safeguarding Every Day
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Written by

Muhamad Khair


11 May 2018

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