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Today’s Youths, Tomorrow’s Home Team Guardians

Meet six youths who’ve chosen to step up and play their part in keeping Singapore safe and secure.
This year, 56 youths received Home Team Diploma and ITE Sponsorship Awards, taking the stage to the applause of their family members, teachers and senior Home Team officers. We spoke to six of the youths to find out why they’ve chosen to pursue fulfilling careers as Home Team Guardians.

PHOTO: Janani Sivalingam

Jason Dennis, 21, ITE College Central
Recipient of the Home Team ITE Sponsorship Award; joining the Singapore Police Force (SPF)

“I choose to join Singapore Police Force because I want to play a part in protecting Singapore and keeping it safe. 

“News on terrorist incidents from around the world made me realise that many of us are unaware of potential threats to Singapore, and take our safety for granted. This fuelled me to sign with SPF. 

“This Sponsorship Award has given me the extra push to study even harder, and to give my best as a Police officer!”

PHOTO: Jermaine Ting

Kolemund Ng, 19, Singapore Polytechnic
Recipient of the Home Team Diploma Sponsorship Award; joining the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB)

“I was inspired to become a CNB officer after hearing stories from my secondary school teacher, who was a former officer. 

“I’ve seen acquaintances get arrested for abusing drugs, and I want to prevent this from happening to other youths. By joining the Home Team, I hope to play my part in upholding justice and ensuring that Singapore remains one of the safest countries in the world.”

PHOTO: Jermaine Ting

Aqidah Istiqamah Bte Abdul Rahim, 19, Temasek Polytechnic
Recipient of the Home Team Diploma Sponsorship Award; joining the Singapore Prison Service (SPS)

“What drew me to SPS is the fact that I get to help inmates rehabilitate themselves and reintegrate back into society. 

“My family was my greatest inspiration and the reason I applied for this Sponsorship Award. I want to make them proud, and I see the Sponsorship as a stepping stone for me to make a difference in the lives of others.”

PHOTO: Janani Sivalingam

Mohamed Reza Bin Amirudin, 27, Nanyang Polytechnic
Recipient of the Home Team Diploma (Merit) Sponsorship Award; joining the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)

“I choose to join SCDF because I’ve always wanted to be a Paramedic. I’ve also previously worked as a private ambulance officer, and I believe that I can contribute to SCDF as a lifesaver.

“My motivation has to be my mother. She managed to complete her Master’s degree in Nursing while juggling her family responsibilities. She’s my role model and a big reason why I want to be a Paramedic.

“This Sponsorship Award gives me the opportunity to work with fellow Home Team officers and make a difference through my skills and knowledge!”

PHOTO: Jermaine Ting

Muhammad Daniyal Hafiz Bin A, 18, Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Recipient of the Home Team Diploma (Merit) Sponsorship Award; joining SPF

“I’ve always admired the detectives and officers in Police shows, as well as the neighbourhood Police officers who patrol our housing estates, and I aspired to be like them. I was also inspired by my former tuition teacher who always shared with me about his work when he served with SPF’s Special Operations Command.

“It has always been my dream to be a Police officer. Receiving this Sponsorship Award means I’ll get to serve the community and protect Singapore.”

PHOTO: Janani Sivalingam

Crystal Chee, 21, Temasek Polytechnic
Recipient of the Home Team Diploma (Merit) Sponsorship Award; joining the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) 

“I chose to join ICA because of my father. He’s a former Navy officer, and he often shared why he chose to serve and how he played a part in keeping Singapore secure. 

“I’ve been interested in the uniformed services since I was young. This Sponsorship Award will allow me to pursue my passion and give me the opportunity to gain valuable experience as a Home Team officer. In 10 years’ time, I see myself continuing to serve and protect Singapore!”

PHOTOS: Jarrel Teo
Home Team Diploma and ITE Sponsorship Awards Ceremony 2019
The Home Team Diploma and ITE Sponsorship Awards recognise Polytechnic and ITE students who demonstrate leadership qualities, drive and resilience, and who share the Home Team’s vision of keeping Singapore safe and secure. This year’s Award Ceremony was held on 27 April and saw 56 students receiving Sponsorships. Click here to read the opening speech delivered by Ms Sun Xueling, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of National Development.

Written by

Janani Sivalingam and Jermaine Ting


3 May 2019

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