Oral Replies to Parliamentary Questions

Oral Reply to Parliamentary Question on Motorists Driving Against the Traffic and the Penalty of Imprisonment and a Fine for Causing Death by Mr Desmond Lee, Senior Minister of State, Ministry for Home Affairs and Ministry for National Development

Published: 06 February 2017



Mr Seah Kian Peng: To ask the Minister for Home Affairs in respect of motorists driving against the flow of traffic, whether the maximum penalty of five years of imprisonment and a fine for causing death by a rash act should be reviewed.




1. The Ministry of Home Affairs is conducting a review of penalties under the Road Traffic Act in order to take a tougher stance against irresponsible motorists. The review will also consider the adequacy of the penalties for driving dangerously against the flow of traffic. This review was announced on 1st December last year and the Ministry of Home Affairs will make an announcement when the review is complete.


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