Written Replies to Parliamentary Questions

Written Reply to Parliamentary Question on Expanding the Coverage of the Yellow Ribbon Project, by Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law

Published: 02 February 2021


Assoc Prof Jamus Jerome Lim:
To ask the Minister for Home Affairs whether the Government will consider expanding the coverage of the Yellow Ribbon Project such that ex-offenders for non-violent crimes will, contingent on an extended period of good behavior following successful reintegration in society, be eligible for the elimination of their criminal history from public records and hence not report this record for employment purposes.


1. Can the Member clarify what he means by “non-violent crime”?

2. There are many offences which are serious but not violent in nature, such as sexual grooming, outrage of modesty, criminal breach of trust, and theft in dwelling. The Member may wish to note that his suggestion, prima facie, appears to be that records of such crimes should be expunged, which will in turn mean that ex-offenders could be employed in roles such as pre-school teachers or security officers, without their employers being aware of their history.

3. The Government operates a framework, to rehabilitate, and find employment for most offenders, in a safe and transparent manner. And that framework is being constantly refined.

4. The Member can make a more detailed suggestion, if he wishes, and the Government will consider his suggestions.


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