Written Replies to Parliamentary Questions

Written Reply to Parliamentary Question on Long-Term Visit Pass Holders who Requested for the Renewal of Their Pass through Non-spousal Sponsorship, by Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law

Published: 03 March 2021


Ms Carrie Tan: To ask the Minister for Home Affairs of the average of 24,255 applications received each year from Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) holders who requested for the renewal of their pass through non-spousal sponsorship (a) what is the breakdown by relationship to sponsor; (b) what is the approval rate for each category and what are the common reasons for rejection; and (c) what are the circumstances under which LTVP holders married to Singaporean citizens can seek sponsorship from other Singaporean citizens.



1.    The average number of applications received each year from 2015 to 2020 for the renewal of a Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) which is not sponsored by a local spouse, was about 23,500.Of this, 46% were from foreign parents and 37% were from foreign children, of Singaporeans or permanent residents (PRs).The remaining 17% were from LTVP holders with other types of relationship to their sponsor, such as foreign family members of Student’s Pass holders, foreign former spouses (of Singaporeans or PRs) who are widowed or divorced, and foreign still-married spouses who are undergoing divorce proceedings.


2.    In the same time period, nearly all LTVP renewal applications from foreign parents and foreign children of Singaporeans or PRs were approved. For applications from LTVP holders with other types of relationship to their sponsor, about 98% were approved.A small minority of applications were rejected, mostly due to (i) the applicant not having local family roots, (ii) the sponsor or applicant having adverse records, or (iii) because the sponsor was not able to demonstrate the ability to financially support himself or herself and the applicant.


3.    While the general rule is that foreign spouses should renew their LTVP under the sponsorship of their local spouse, those who are unable to do so can seek sponsorship from other Singaporeans or PRs. ICA will consider if there are valid reasons for the foreign spouse to stay in Singapore, such as whether the foreign spouse has custody of Singaporean children or is undergoing divorce proceedings in Singapore.