Written Replies to Parliamentary Questions

Written Reply to Parliamentary Question on Traffic Police’s Strategies to Raise Awareness of Road Safety and Reduce Accidents by Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law

Published: 08 January 2018



Mr Ang Hin Kee: To ask the Minister for Home Affairs (a) what are the Traffic Police's strategies to raise greater awareness of road safety and reduce traffic accidents among both road users and the public; and (b) whether there are plans to review and update the Highway Code and curriculum in driving centres, given the change in road traffic landscape such as the increase in personal mobility devices on the roads.




    1. Raising awareness is one of Traffic Police's (TP) key strategies to enhance road safety.


    2. TP introduced the "Use Your Road Sense" movement in 2015, to actively reach out to road users. The objective is to influence and shape the right behaviour for better road safety. The outreach targeted not only general road users, but also vulnerable groups such as motorcyclists and elderly pedestrians, and vocational drivers such as taxi and heavy vehicle drivers. 


    3. TP is also working with LTA to raise awareness concerning the dangers of riding personal mobility devices (PMDs) on the roads. Among others, signs have been installed at hotspots to warn PMD riders to stay off the roads. PMD riders are also reminded of the rules and code of conduct for cycling and the use of PMDs through campaigns and programmes (e.g. Safe Riders Campaign and Safe Cycling Programme), including the safe use of pedestrian crossings (e.g. stopping and looking out for traffic before crossing). 


    4. The basic driving and riding curricula at the driving schools have been and will continue to be regularly updated to remain relevant as the traffic landscape changes. TP is also leveraging new technology, for example, it will mandate driving and riding simulation training for all learner motorists in 2019. This will enable them to acquire the necessary skills and know-how to react properly in common traffic situations within a safe, controlled environment. 


    5. To promote continual learning for motorists, TP launched the one-stop Online Learning Portal in July 2017, which allows free public access to the latest driving theory handbooks. The portal will be further enhanced later this year to include animated videos of the top causes of accidents, mock theory tests, and updates on road traffic regulations. 


    6. In addition, the Safe Driving Course (SDC) was introduced in November 2015, to impart safe driving techniques to motorists who have accumulated a high number of demerit points.        


    7. TP is also updating the Highway Code to ensure its continued relevance in today's landscape. The online basic and final theory handbooks will also be periodically reviewed and updated so that the latest information on traffic signs, rules and regulations are made available to the public.


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