Written Replies to Parliamentary Questions

Written Reply to Parliamentary Question on Rehabilitation Efforts for Self-Radicalised Individuals

Published: 03 April 2024


Mr Christopher de Souza: To ask the Minister for Home Affairs whether he can provide an update on rehabilitation efforts for those who are self-radicalised.



Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law:

1. The Internal Security Department (ISD) dealt with the first case of self-radicalisation under the Internal Security Act (ISA) in 2007. To date, 60 self-radicalised individuals – including 48 Singaporeans – have been detained or issued with Restriction Orders (ROs).

2. ISD adopts a comprehensive approach in the rehabilitation of these detainees and RO supervisees.

(a) Volunteers from the Religious Rehabilitation Group provide them with proper religious teachings and interpretations, to counter the radical ideology to which they had been exposed.

(b) ISD psychologists engage them to address other factors that contributed to their radicalisation, such as their propensity for hatred and violence.

(c) They are also given social support to aid their eventual reintegration into society. For example, their families are provided support through the Inter-Agency Aftercare Group’s network of community welfare organisations.

3. These efforts have led to a high rehabilitation success rate. Of the 30 self-radicalised Singaporean detainees, 23 have been released to-date. Of the 18 self-radicalised Singaporeans who were issued with ROs, the ROs of 14 of them had been allowed to lapse.

4. ISD has been refining its rehabilitation approach in view of the increase in number of self-radicalised youths in recent years. Apart from correcting the radical ideology they had imbibed, ISD also looks into other factors such as their lack of critical thinking skills and mental resilience to cope with life stressors. A mentoring programme has also been introduced for them.