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A Second Set of Amendments to the Police Force Act to Take Effect from 2 September 2022

Published: 01 September 2022

1.   The amendments to the Police Force Act (“PFA”) were passed in Parliament on 3 August 2021. 

2.   Phase 1 of the PFA amendments, which include provisions to enhance the Singapore Police Force’s (“SPF”) operational capabilities and readiness, had earlier come into force on 1 January 2022.

3.   The following provisions to: (a) strengthen SPF’s disciplinary, administrative and human resources processes; and (b) strengthen controls over the Auxiliary Police Forces (APFs); will take effect from 2 September 2022. 

Strengthening SPF’s Disciplinary, Administrative and Human Resources Processes

4.   The following provisions will take effect from 2 September 2022: 

(a)   Allow the Commissioner of Police (“CP”) to retain regular Police Officers in times of crisis by refusing notices of resignation. 

(b)   Make explicit the need for Police Officers to return issued equipment or property upon his or her resignation, dismissal or discharge. 

(c)   Empower CP and the Deputy Commissioner of Police to delegate his or her powers to civilian officers in leadership positions.

(d)   Increase levers over officers for disciplinary offences, including:

i.   Increased fines for disciplinary offences committed by regular Police Officers below the rank of Inspector and Volunteer Special Constabulary officers.

ii.   Issuance of orders to compel Operationally Ready National Servicemen who have committed disciplinary offences to report for disciplinary proceedings without having to make up for any loss in civilian remuneration.

Strengthening Controls over the APFs 

5.   To strengthen controls over the APFs as providers of essential security services, the following provisions will take effect from 2 September 2022: 

(a)   Additional reporting/approval requirements for controllers of APFs.

(b)   Enhanced powers to issue directions and impose conditions, to ensure essential security services are not disrupted.

(c)   Updated penalties to strengthen deterrence against attempts to disrupt the delivery of essential security services by APFs.

6.   The remaining amendment to the PFA, that relates to protecting officers from legal liability for acts done in good faith and with reasonable care, will take effect at a later date. More details will be announced separately. Please refer to Annex for more information on the amendments to the PFA.


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