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Detention of Two Self-Radicalised Singaporeans under the Internal Security Act

Published: 30 September 2015

1. In two separate cases, Singaporeans Muhammad Shamin bin Mohamed Sidek (Shamin) and Muhammad Harith Jailani (Harith) were detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) in August 2015 for their involvement in terrorism-related activities.  Investigations showed that they had harboured the intention to make their way to Syria to join the terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and engage in violence there.


Muhammad Shamin bin Mohamed Sidek


2. Shamin, aged 29, is a self-radicalised individual who was influenced by ISIS's online radical propaganda.  In May 2015, he was convicted and sentenced to three months' jail under Section 267C of the Penal Code for inciting religious violence through his pro-ISIS postings on social media.  As he continued to express unstinting support for ISIS throughout his three-month imprisonment, he was arrested under the ISA in Jul 2015 for investigations to assess if he posed a threat to Singapore's security. 


3. Subsequent investigations by ISD showed that Shamin planned to travel to Syria to join ISIS once he had raised enough money to fund the trip.  He had also decided that if he was unable to join ISIS, he would consider fighting alongside a regional militant group that he considered to be aligned with ISIS. He was undeterred by his arrest under the ISA and said he would pursue his plans to join ISIS after his release from detention. Shamin said he was prepared to die in the course of defending the 'caliphate' that was declared by ISIS.


Muhammad Harith Jailani


4. Harith, aged 18, was radicalised by the online radical propaganda put up by ISIS to the extent that he harboured the intention to carry out armed jihad for ISIS. He was prepared to be trained by ISIS to fight and kill the group's enemies, and to die in the process so that he would receive divine rewards for dying as a martyr. As part of his preparations to join ISIS in Syria, Harith had collected information on how he could travel to Syria and also tried to radicalise those around him to support ISIS' cause in an attempt to recruit them to join ISIS together with him. 


5. The detentions of Shamin and Harith underline the persistent ISIS threat and the threat posed by self-radicalised Singaporeans. A few of the Singaporeans who have been detained had even been prepared to carry out terrorist attacks in Singapore. The Government takes a very serious view of any form of support for terrorism, including but not limited to the use of violence, and will take firm and decisive action against any person who engages in such activities. Anyone who is aware that someone is involved in terrorism-related activities, or who sees suspicious activities, should promptly inform the Internal Security Department (1800-2626-473) or the Police (999).  A timely call can help save lives.


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