Press Releases

Dickson Yeo

Published: 30 December 2020

1. Mr Dickson Yeo has returned to Singapore on Wednesday, 30 December 2020 and was arrested by ISD under the Internal Security Act on the same day. 


2. Yeo has admitted in the US federal court to have worked for the Chinese intelligence for monetary rewards.  He has also revealed to US investigators that his previous intelligence taskings targeted other states apart from the US.  ISD will interview Yeo to establish if he had engaged in activities prejudicial to Singapore’s security. 


3. Singapore will not allow our nationals to be subverted or used by any foreign actors for activities prejudicial to our security and national interests. The Government takes a very serious view of any Singaporean who enters into a clandestine relationship with a foreign government and engages in espionage or subversive activities at the behest of the foreign power.  We will deal firmly with such individuals in accordance with our laws.   


4. We are unable to provide further information while investigations are ongoing.


Internal Security Department

30 December 2020