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Government Accepts Recommendations of the Security Tripartite Cluster

Published: 02 February 2023

1.   The Government accepts the Security Tripartite Cluster (STC)’s recommendations released on 31 Jan 2023. [1]The recommendations seek to update the mandatory training requirements under the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) Skills Ladder for the security industry.

2.   These updated training requirements will better support tripartite efforts to upskill the workforce as the industry increasingly leverages technology to support its operations under the Security Industry Transformation Map (ITM).[2] 

Enhanced Mandatory Training Requirements for the Security Industry

3.   The STC has recommended a stronger emphasis on (a) technology-related competencies; and (b) public engagement and conflict management skills, as part of the Security PWM Skills Ladder. 

4.   Levelling up technology-related competencies in our security officers is critical as they would be more equipped to perform their duties at a time when integrated technology systems and digital solutions have become more pervasive. The Government also supports the push for more public engagement and conflict management skills, which various stakeholders have proposed after the amendments to the Private Security Industry Act 2007 (PSIA), specifically the enhanced protections for security officers against abuse and harassment, which came into effect from May 2022.[3]  These skills are essential in guiding security officers to better protect themselves when faced with difficult situations on the ground. 

Implementation of Enhanced Mandatory Training Requirements

5.   The Government also accepts the recommendations by the STC to implement the enhanced mandatory training requirements in a phased approach and to minimise changes to existing training durations. 

6.   To facilitate this, the Singapore Police Force’s Centre for Protective Security (CPS) and SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) have worked with training providers to (i) enhance the mandatory Basic Licensing Units (BLUs) for officers holding the rank of Security Officer (SO); and (ii) introduce a new mandatory course for officers holding the rank of Senior Security Officer (SSO).The enhanced BLUs for SOs and the new course for SSOs will be available to the industry from Q3 2023. Details are summarised below. 

Existing Mandatory Course  Updated Mandatory Course [Available from Q3 2023]  Training Duration for Updated Mandatory Course[4]
 For SO
Guard and Patrol (Provide Guard and Patrol Services)  

Guard and Patrol, Access Control Management (Provide Guard and Patrol Services and Operate Basic Security Equipment)



Three days

[Additional one day from existing course]


Incident Response (Handle Security Incidents and Services)

Incident Response (Handle Security Incidents and Services)


Three days

[No change]

 For SSO
Access Control Management (Operate Basic Security Equipment)  

Security Surveillance Management (Perform Remote Surveillance Function)



Two days

[Additional half day]


7.   The Police Licensing and Regulatory Department (PLRD) will amend the licensing conditions for security agencies and security officers to reflect the enhanced PWM Skills Ladder. All new SOs will need to complete the enhanced BLUs from 1 January 2024. Existing officers holding the ranks of SO and SSO are required to obtain the additional Statements of Attainment (SOA) by 31 December 2025 to meet the new licensing conditions. 

New Mandatory Online Refresher Quiz for Licence Renewal

8.   As part of continuous training, it will be mandatory for all security officers to complete an online refresher quiz to be eligible for licence renewal from 1 January 2024. The quiz will keep officers updated on recent industry developments, such as enhanced protections accorded to them under the PSIA, and new competencies covered within the enhanced BLUs. More details on the new refresher quiz can be found in the Annex. 

9.   An accompanying training package will also be provided by CPS and SSG to prepare officers for the quiz. Contents of the training package and quiz will be reviewed periodically to align with industry developments. Such training rigour will motivate security officers to embrace upskilling as the industry transforms.


10.   Overall, the STC’s recommendations are timely and will augment tripartite efforts to raise the competencies of the workforce and transform the security industry. Government agencies will work closely with tripartite partners to implement the recommendations and create better jobs for security officers, so as to achieve improved security outcomes through adoption of interoperable technology, higher productivity and a better skilled security workforce. 

11.   The STC Report is available online at

Ministry of Home Affairs
Skillsfuture Singapore

[1]   The Security Tripartite Cluster (STC) comprises representatives from industry associations, employers, service buyers, unions and government agencies.

[2]   The Security ITM was launched in February 2018 and refreshed in November 2022 by the Ministry of Home Affairs with the support of tripartite partners. For more information, see 

[3]   MHA amended the PSIA to enhance protections for all security officers. New offences addressing the common types of abuse and harassment were introduced, with penalties pegged higher than if they were committed against general members of the public.

[4]   Training durations are from the Security Industry’s Continuing Education and Training (CET) Centre – Temasek Polytechnic’s Security Industry Institute (TP’s SII). Other training providers may also provide the same courses with similar training durations. 


1.   Factsheet on New Mandatory Online Refresher Quiz for All Licensed Security Officers [PDF, 76.2 KB]