Press Releases

Innovation Cooperation between Singapore and the Netherlands

Published: 17 April 2019

  1. Following the state visit by President of Singapore Halimah Yacob to the Netherlands in November 2018, which underscored the cooperation between both countries, the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Republic of Singapore (MHA) and the Ministry of Justice and Security of the Netherlands (MOJS) have concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on cooperation concerning the fields of innovation as well as science and technology (S&T) in homeland and civil security matters.


  2. The MoU was signed on 13 February 2019 by Mr Siebe Riedstra, Secretary General of the MOJS and Mr Lai Chung Han, former Second Permanent Secretary of MHA.


  3. The MoU establishes a framework to develop and facilitate activities and projects of mutual interest that can contribute to innovation in homeland security capabilities in both countries. Projects under the MoU will focus on the exchange of knowledge, promoting joint research and the development, testing and evaluation of prototype technologies.


  4. Strong international cooperation and experience sharing is important in countering security challenges. Singapore and the Netherlands hope to share with each other expertise in areas such as innovation in forensic science, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.


  5. At the Innovation Congress in November 2018 in the Netherlands, where an MHA delegation was present, Ronald Barendse, Deputy Secretary General of Justice and Security, said: "I am happy and proud that our two departments have expressed the intention to cooperate intensively in the field of innovation. I am convinced that this MoU, both in Singapore and in the Netherlands, will give a strong new boost to the development of valuable, effective innovations in the area of security and justice".


  6. Following the signing of the MoU, Dr Lee Fook Kay, Chief Scientist for the Ministry of Home Affairs, echoed similar views: “There is a tremendous desire in both ministries to link up our creative forces and work on innovative S&T solutions in the field of homeland security. We are very excited by the prospects of this cooperation and look forward to working with MOJS to address common homefront threats and challenges”.