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Issues with Some iTOTO Bets Placed Through Retail Counters & Remote Platforms, & 4D Quick Pick Bets Placed Through Telephone

Published: 31 January 2020

1.     On 15 January 2020, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)’s press release highlighted issues with Singapore Pools (Private) Limited (SPPL)’s system that generated TOTO Quick Pick and System Roll bets placed via remote platforms between 2 October 2018 and 21 December 2019. SPPL had rectified these errors. SPPL subsequently reported to MHA two other related errors, which SPPL has also rectified. 


Some iTOTO Bets Placed via Remote Platforms and at Retail Counters Affected by Same Error in TOTO Quick Pick System


2.     SPPL reported that the earlier software error which affected the generation of TOTO Quick Pick bets also affected the generation of some iTOTO numbers purchased via remote platforms and retail outlets from 2 October 2018 to 20 December 2019. This resulted in the system excluding the number “49” from some iTOTO bets.


Error in Generation of 4D Quick Pick and Quick Pick Roll Bets Via Telephone


3.     SPPL also informed MHA of an error affecting the generation of 4D Quick Pick and Quick Pick Roll bets placed via telephone. Between 2 October 2018 and 20 December 2019, the system excluded the numbers “0” and “9” when generating numbers for customers who placed these bets via telephone.


4.     In addition, between 25 October 2016 and 22 January 2020, the system only generated unique digits for 4D Quick Pick Roll bets placed via telephone, which is not the intended logic of the Quick Pick system; it should have allowed digits to be repeated. This same error also affected 4D Quick Pick bets placed via telephone between 2 October 2018 and 22 January 2020.


Actions Taken by MHA as Gambling Regulator


5.     MHA takes a serious view of the errors and is currently investigating them. SPPL provides Singapore-based remote gambling services pursuant to an exemption under Part 5 of the Remote Gambling Act (RGA). Regulatory sanctions under the RGA may be imposed if a breach of the conditions of exemption is determined. Such sanctions may include a censure, variation of the conditions of exemption, and the imposition of a financial penalty.


6.     MHA has directed SPPL to take all necessary measures to ensure the integrity of its betting system, and prevent any recurrence.


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