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MHA Statement on Three Members of Match-fixing Syndicate Released from Detention and Placed on Police Supervision Orders

Published: 18 January 2016

1. The Minister for Home Affairs has today revoked the Detention Orders of three members of an illegal match-fixing syndicate, and has placed them on Police Supervision Orders under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act (CLTPA).


2. These three persons had been issued with Detention Orders under the CLTPA for their involvement in a syndicate which conducted major, illegal global soccer match-fixing activities from and within Singapore.


3. The evidence against the three persons, and their roles in the syndicate were recently reviewed, after the Court of Appeal gave its decision in Dan Tan’s case. On the evidence as it stands now, the Minister is satisfied that Detention Orders in respect of the three persons should be revoked. The Minister has decided to instead place them on Police Supervision Orders, for a duration of three years. The syndicate leader, Dan Tan, was issued with a new Detention Order.


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