Press Releases

Next Phase in the SGSecure Movement

Published: 28 July 2023

1. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) introduced the next phase of the SGSecure movement and unveiled its new tagline, “What’s Your Role?”, at the SGSecure Community Conference on 28 July 2023. 

About the SGSecure Movement

2. The terrorism threat to Singapore remains high. Online self-radicalisation is currently the primary threat, and youth radicalisation a particular concern.[1]

3. The SGSecure movement was launched in September 2016, to sensitise, train, and mobilise Singaporeans to play a part to prevent and deal with a terrorist attack. Since its launch, significant progress has been made in raising public awareness of the terror threat, as well as institutional and individual preparedness against the terror threat.

Next Phase of the SGSecure Movement

4. The next phase of the SGSecure movement focuses on urging Singaporeans to deepen social cohesion, and to play an active role in safeguarding our society from terrorism and extremism. 

5. The SGSecure movement’s new tagline, “What’s Your Role?”, aims to inspire Singaporeans to discover the role they can play in countering terrorism. The campaign features everyday Singaporeans who leverage their individual strengths to keep Singapore safe and secure. The personas include:

(a) The Uniter – A person who cares for others and helps keep the kampong spirit alive.

(b) The True Friend – A person who is observant and shows care for a friend who is potentially radicalised. 

(c) The Fact-checker – A person who is alert and calls out fake news to stop it from spreading. 

(d) The Lifesaver – A person who is ready to respond with his or her emergency preparedness skills in moments of need.

(e) The Guardian – A person who is calm and quick to lead others away from danger.

(f) The Lookout – A person who is vigilant and reports suspicious behaviours or items.

6. Together with our partner agencies, we will continue developing and strengthening programmes to mobilise the community to fight terrorism.[2] For example, MHA and the People’s Association will continue to expand and engage the island-wide Community Response Roundtables, to strengthen local community-level emergency preparedness and response.[3]  

7. We will also encourage ground-up projects to raise awareness of the SGSecure movement, increase our overall level of preparedness, and/or deepen partnerships within the community and foster social cohesion. For example, two youths have produced a murder mystery role-playing game video series as part of MINDEF’s Total Defence Sandbox to share key SGSecure messages in an innovative manner. 

New Series of SGSecure Roadshows

8. This September, we will launch a new series of SGSecure Roadshows, which will have interactive elements targeted at youths. More details will be released in due course.

9. Members of the public may visit the SGSecure website ( to find out more about the role they can play and how they can join the movement. We also encourage everyone to download the SGSecure app and register to become an SGSecure Responder, to actively play a part in keeping ourselves and the people around us safe.

[1] Please refer to the Singapore Terrorism Threat Assessment Report, released on 24 July 2023, for more details.

[2] The SGSecure Cluster Leads are MCCY, MCI, MINDEF, MOE, MOM and PA, and they oversee six domains, namely, Community Groups (MCCY), the Media (MCI), NS Community (MINDEF), Schools (MOE), Workplaces (MOM) and Neighbourhoods (PA).

[3] The Community Response Roundtable is a whole-of-community crisis preparedness initiative under the SGSecure movement that aims to strengthen cooperation across key stakeholder groups within a geographical area.