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Rejection of Miscellaneous Work Passes – Christian Preachers

Published: 08 September 2017

The Ministry of Manpower, in consultation with the Ministry of Home Affairs, has rejected recent Miscellaneous Work Pass (MWP) applications for two foreign Christian preachers to speak in Singapore.  Both preachers had made denigrating and inflammatory comments of other religions.


2         A foreigner who wishes to deliver a talk in Singapore that is related to religion, race or politics, is required to obtain a MWP. The granting of an MWP is a privilege accorded to a foreigner and not an entitlement. MOM consults relevant agencies in its assessments of MWP applications and each application is considered on its own merits. 


3         One of the preachers had described Allah as "a false god", asked for prayers for those "held captive in the darkness of Islam", and referred to Buddhists as "Tohuw people" (a Hebrew word for "lost, lifeless, confused and spiritually barren" individuals) who can be saved only by converting to Christianity.  The other preacher had variously referred to "the evils of Islam" and "the malevolent nature of Islam and Mohammed", and called Islam "not a religion of peace", "an incredibly confused religion", interested in "world domination" and "a religion based on… adhering to uncompromising and cruel laws often focused on warfare and virtual slavery".    


4        Such teachings are unacceptable in Singapore's multi-racial, multi-religious society, and the Government will not allow religious preachers of any faith to run down other religions or spread ill-will among the religions. This is to safeguard the social harmony and cohesion that have been painstakingly built up since Singapore's independence.  


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