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Salary Revisions for Officers on Ministry of Home Affairs Schemes of Service From 1 January 2023

Published: 31 October 2022

1.   Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) officers on the Home Affairs Uniformed Services (HUS), Home Affairs Services (HAS-ICA), Home Team Specialist Scheme (HTSS) and Commercial Affairs Scheme (CAS) will receive salary adjustments from 1 January 2023. About 22,000 serving officers will receive a 3% to 10% increase in their gross monthly salaries.

2.   MHA’s uniformed officers and specialists play a vital role in keeping Singapore safe and secure. The salary adjustments are a result of MHA’s periodic reviews to ensure that our officers’ salary packages keep pace with the market and remain competitive. This will enable MHA to continue to attract and retain good officers.

3.   Besides salary adjustments, we will continue to provide our officers with meaningful career opportunities in the Home Team, and support their growth and development.