Press Releases

Singapore Terrorism Threat Assessment Report 2021

Published: 23 June 2021

The full Singapore Terrorism Threat Assessment Report is available for download (PDF, 2MB).  Key points are as follows:

  • There is currently no specific nor credible intelligence of an imminent terrorist attack against Singapore.

  • Nonetheless, the terrorism threat to Singapore remains high.  Globally, terrorist activities have persisted amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with terrorist recruitment and propaganda efforts stepped up online.

  • The domestic terrorism threat to Singapore stems primarily from self-radicalised individuals influenced by extremist materials online.  Like other countries, Singapore is vulnerable to attacks against soft targets by lone actors using easily available objects.

  • ISD has continued to detect self-radicalised Singaporeans and foreigners.  Since 2015, 54 individuals were dealt with under the Internal Security Act for terrorism-related conduct.  44 of them were self-radicalised, of which 14 were dealt with since 2019.  Two attack plots against specific communities at their places of worship in Singapore were foiled in late 2020 and early 2021.

  • While Islamist terrorism remains the primary concern, we are also mindful of emergent threats such as far-right extremism.  In December 2020, the first far-right self-radicalisation case was detected in Singapore.  External events and developments, including the import of foreign grievances, hate speech and divisive rhetoric, can also threaten Singapore‘s internal security and communal harmony.

  • The SGSecure movement is a way for the community to come together to fight terrorism and protect Singapore and our way of life.  The public is reminded to remain vigilant and report to authorities signs of radicalisation, and suspicious objects and persons, and be prepared in the event of a domestic terrorist attack.  Members of public can take part in SGSecure programmes in their neighbourhood, community or religious organisations, workplaces or schools, and be better prepared in the event of a domestic terrorist attack.