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Tighter Safe Management Measures For Nightlife Establishments that Pivoted to F&B Operations

Published: 31 July 2021

All pivoted nightlife establishments must remain closed until written approval has been given to resume operations

1.   Following the mandatory two-week suspension announced by the Multi-Ministry Task Force on 16 July 2021, nightlife establishments which were previously allowed to temporarily pivot to food and beverage (F&B) operations must pass inspections and receive a conditional permit from the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) before they can resume operations.

2.   The suspension of operations for pivoted nightlife establishments from 16 July was done to break community transmission from the cluster of COVID-19 cases at former KTVs and nightclubs. The operators of the pivoted establishments will be required to put in place additional Safe Management Measures (SMMs), on top of existing ones, to further reduce public health risks and facilitate enforcement checks. Establishments must remain closed, including for takeaway operations, until they pass the checks and receive written approval to reopen. Around 50 pivoted nightlife establishments which have committed SMM breaches since October 2020 will not be allowed to reopen.

Requirements for resumption of operations

3.   The requirements to be met by establishments before they can resume operations include:

  1. All employees have undergone a one-time PCR test for COVID-19; and
  2. Agencies have conducted checks and are satisfied that SMM protocols are in place. This includes prevailing SMMs for F&B operators, as well as additional SMMs we will introduce for pivoted nightlife operators to further reduce public health risks and facilitate enforcement checks. 

4.   The additional SMMs which pivoted nightlife establishments must adhere to are as follows:

  1. Only the main hall can be used for F&B operations; all private rooms to be locked and not to be used for any purpose;
  2. CCTVs to cover all areas of operation, including entrances of the locked private rooms. Lighting levels in outlets must be sufficient for activities to be observed on the CCTVs;
  3. The interior of the outlet must be clearly visible to people outside; no blackout windows or opaque doors along the perimeter of the outlet;
  4. Equipment that facilitate public entertainment (e.g. pool tables, dart boards, and karaoke machines) must be removed out of sight of patrons;
  5. All employees to undergo 7-day Fast and Easy Testing (FET) at a HPB Quick Test Centre, upon resumption of operations. This is a more stringent measure than the 14-day employer-supervised FET for typical F&B outlets;
  6. SafeEntry Gateway to be implemented at the entry/exit point to facilitate contact tracing;
  7. Prevailing licensing conditions must be complied with, such as on food preparation facilities and menu; an
  8. Employees deployed at the entrance of the outlet must not delay entry of enforcement officers, nor prevent members of the public from looking in.

5.   The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and relevant agencies will reach out to operators on the requirements and follow-ups. Operators with queries may email

Strict enforcement of requirements

6.   All pivoted nightlife establishments must comply strictly with the requirements in order to reopen. Any outlet found to resume operations (including takeaway) without obtaining a conditional permit from MTI will face firm enforcement action, including prosecution and the cancellation of licences for food, public entertainment and liquor. Establishments that breach SMMs are liable to have their conditional permits to operate withdrawn and must close immediately.

7.   Since October 2020, agencies had stepped up enforcement checks on F&B establishments, including pivoted nightlife operators. In May 2021, agencies  tightened the penalty framework for pivoted nightlife operators found in breach of SMMs. Seven operators have had their licences permanently revoked thus far, and have been ordered to cease operations with immediate effect (see Annex A for the list of operators).

8.   In the period between October 2020 and 10 July 2021, the Police conducted 202 operations against licensed public entertainment outlets, including those which had pivoted to F&B operations, as well as against unlicensed public entertainment outlets which were operating in locations such as industrial estates, office units, and shophouses. This resulted in the detection of 58 Public Entertainment Act and Liquor Control Act infringements, 595 SMM breaches, and 142 arrests for offences under various laws, including the Public Entertainments Act, Liquor Control Act, Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, and Immigration Act.

9.   Agencies, including the Police, will keep up with our enforcement efforts on pivoted nightlife establishments, to ensure that SMMs are strictly adhered to. Firm enforcement action will be taken against operators and individuals who flout SMMs, which include prosecution and revocation of licences including food, public entertainment and liquor.

Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment
Ministry of Trade and Industry

31 July 2021

Annex A (120kb, .pdf)