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Update on Implementation of Remote Gambling Act

Published: 08 July 2015

The Remote Gambling Act (RGA) came into operation on 2 Feb 2015. Since then, several hundred websites which provide remote gambling services have been blocked. In addition, financial institutions and financial service providers have been directed to block credit card and other payment transactions related to remote ga


2. Police continue to take enforcement action against those who provide illegal remote gambling. In May 2015, Police conducted an island-wide operation against an unlawful remote gambling syndicate and arrested 11 persons.


3. The Ministry of Home Affairs has received applications from two entities, the Singapore Turf Club (STC) and Singapore Pools Private Limited (Pools), for certificates of exemption under Section 26 of the RGA to offer remote gambling services for their existing pr


4. The Ministry will evaluate and assess the applications based on the criteria set out in Section 26 of the RGA before deciding whether or not to grant a certificate of exemption. These criteria are strict and cover the fol


a.The entity has to be based in Singapore so as to aid the enforcement of the exemption conditions.


b.The directors or key officers are not convicted of one or more offences in Singapore which renders the director or key officer unsuitable to be a director or key officer of an exempt operator.


c.The exempt operator has to be a not-for-profit entity which contributes to public, social and charitable purposes in Singapore.


d.The entity has to possess a consistent and good track record of compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.


e. Any other relevant factors in deciding whether to grant an entity a certificate of exemption.


5. In addition, the Ministry will assess whether the applicant is able to meet the stringent requirements to be imposed on any exempt operator. These requirements include the need for robust social safeguards, and measures to maintain gaming integrity (including the integrity of the ICT infrastructure and platform), and to address law and order concerns.


6. The evaluation process is expected to take 9 to 12 months. No exemptions have been granted to date.


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