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Update on Terrorism-Related Case Under Internal Security Act

Published: 24 January 2022

1.   In January 2020, a 17-year-old secondary school student “Daniel” (not his real name) was detained under the Internal Security Act.  “Daniel” had been radicalised by a foreign online contact into supporting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).  He was willing to assist ISIS in its terrorist activities, including its online propaganda efforts.  He also staunchly believed in ISIS’s violent cause, despite the demise of its so-called caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

2.   ISD has been working closely with the Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG) and the Inter-Agency Aftercare Group (ACG) to rehabilitate “Daniel” and correct his radical ideology.  “Daniel” has been receptive to these efforts and has made significant progress in his rehabilitation.[1]  

3.   On the religious front, monthly sessions with the RRG religious counsellor have helped “Daniel” to improve his religious knowledge and corrected his misguided belief in the radical ideologies he had imbibed from ISIS’s violent propaganda.  In the process, “Daniel” has since gained an appreciation of Singapore’s multi-racial and multi-religious context.  A psychologist also worked with “Daniel” to reduce his vulnerability to radical influences.  At the same time, “Daniel”’s mentor, a RRG counsellor, has been guiding him on his personal goals and motivating him in his rehabilitation.

4.   To ensure that “Daniel” will be able to reintegrate into mainstream society upon his release, arrangements were made for him to continue with his studies and sit for his national examinations while in detention.  He received extensive tutoring support from RRG volunteers who are also MOE-trained teachers, and has since made tremendous improvements in his academic performance.  He scored four distinctions out of five subjects in his GCE Normal (Technical) Level examinations in 2020, and passed all his subjects in his GCE Normal (Academic) Level examinations in 2021.

5.   At the same time, “Daniel” has grown closer to his family members who had been visiting him regularly while in detention and supporting him in his rehabilitation.

6.   Given the good progress “Daniel” has made in his rehabilitation, he was released on a Restriction Order (RO)[2] in January 2022.  Since his release, he has successfully enrolled in his choice course of study at a post-secondary institution.  ISD will continue to work with RRG and ACG to ease his reintegration into society. 

Internal Security Department
24 January 2022

[1] An earlier update on “Daniel”’s rehabilitation progress was released to the media in February 2021 (attached as Annex).

[2] A person issued with a Restriction Order (RO) must abide by several conditions and restrictions.  For example, the individual is not permitted to change his or her residence or employment, or travel out of Singapore, without the approval of the Director ISD.  The individual also cannot access the Internet or social media, issue public statements, address public meetings or print, distribute, contribute to any publication, hold office in, or be a member of any organisation, association or group, without the approval of Director ISD.

Annex – “Daniel” – A Youth’s Rehabilitation Journey (PDF, 125KB)