65th Anniversary of the Singapore Traffic Games – Speech by Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister for Communications and Information & Second Minister for Home Affairs

Published: 10 November 2023

Mr Bernard Tay, 
Chairman of Singapore Road Safety Council 

SAC Daniel Tan, 
Commander Traffic Police

Mdm Susan Wang, 
Superintendent East 2, School Division, Ministry of Education

Teachers and Students

Distinguished Guests and Valued Partners

1. I am delighted that we are marking the 65th Anniversary of the Singapore Traffic Games.    

Traffic Games – A Rite of Passage for Students in Singapore

2. The Singapore Traffic Games has been around longer than independent Singapore. The Traffic Games was first introduced to Singapore by Shell Petroleum Company in 1958l, to educate students like you, on road safety rules and etiquette.

3. The games then were not too different. The students took on three roles as go-kart drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, to learn basic traffic rules through games. The park was used by schools in the day, and open to the public in the evenings. The games were very popular at that time, especially with the students. They remain relevant today and so we have kept them. 

4. Many of you here today might not have seen this place, as it no longer exists. The park at Kallang had to make way for the construction of the old National Stadium in 1967.

5. When it was demolished, there were plans to identity another location to host the Traffic Games. This was because the Government, even at that time, recognised, amidst all of the challenges that had to deal with for a young nation, that having good road safety habits needed to be instilled and promoted from a young age. The Traffic Games was an effective way to learn the rules. 

6. In 1981, after much anticipation, the Traffic Games found a permanent home at the current venue at East Coast Park. The “Road Safety Park” was born, and it was subsequently renamed as the “Road Safety Community Park” in 2002 – about 20 years ago - to remind that everyone in the community that we all have a part to play in promoting road safety, and that we must all chip in to keep everybody safe on the roads. 

Celebrating 65 Years of the Traffic Games

7. The traffic games have been a rite of passage for many generations of Singaporeans over the past 65 years, and are fondly remembered by many, including myself. 

8. To commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Traffic Games, the Traffic Police, Singapore Road Safety Council, and the Ministry of Education have produced a Stamp Presentation Pack for our stakeholders and partners who have contributed significantly to the games. The stamp pack features photographs of four generations of students participating in the Traffic Games. 

9. This is a very meaningful memento to chronicle this event of importance in our Singapore history. I hope this stamp package will bring you fond memories of the games we enjoyed in our youth. 

Introducing New Ways to Engage Students

10. Over the years, the Traffic Police and the Singapore Road Safety Council have continuously looked for new and innovative ways to engage students.

11. One example is the “Road Safety Challenge!”, which is a gamified e-learning module for students from Primary 3 to Primary 6. This was launched in 2022, and the module educates students on basic road safety rules and good habits through animated scenarios and interactive quizzes. After completing each level, the children receive a virtual certificate of achievement, and those who complete all four levels will be recognised as Junior Road Safety Ambassadors. Why is this important? The e-learning module complements the activities at the Park, and you can learn about all the road safety rules before practicing them here.    

12. The Traffic Police and Singapore Road Safety Council will also launch a Road Safety storybook for younger children aged 4 to 6 years old, and this will be made available later this month. Through the adventures of characters in the story, the book will allow parents and educators to teach young children essential traffic rules and good safety practices whilst they encounter various scenarios on the road. When ready, the storybook will be distributed to the local preschools and libraries in Singapore.

Redevelopment of the Park

13. To ensure road safety education continue to be relevant to the newer generations of children, there are plans to redevelop the Road Safety Community Park. One idea that has been raised  is to let children learn good road safety habits alongside their parents and grandparents, as a family. This way, the drivers and riders in the family will be mindful to be more patient and considerate on the roads, so that vulnerable road users like the elderly and young children can get to and from their destinations safely. More details will be announced when  the plans are ready.


14. Finally, I would like to congratulate all the participants of this year’s Singapore Traffic Games. Regardless of the outcome, I hope everyone will have a fun-filled experience and a meaningful time. 

15. My appreciation goes to the past and present Traffic Police officers, teachers, NPCC cadets, our volunteers, and our sponsors and partners, for your unwavering support in advancing road safety education for the past 65 years. 

16. Let us work together to keep Singapore’s roads safe, and to keep Singaporeans safe. Thank you.