Dadah Itu Haram Youth Ride 2023 – Opening Address by Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of National Development

Published: 18 June 2023

1.   A very good morning to all of you. Today we cycle for a purpose – we cycle for a better future so that we keep ourselves healthy and stay away from drugs. Drugs are harmful for everyone, not just the young but for every human being. 

2.   As such, we do this, to share with you the message to stay healthy, stay clear of drugs, and other forms of addiction. This is why our CNB officers, the mosque, as well as organisations like Ride of Hope SG have been working together to spread this message that “Dadah Itu Haram”. 

3.   It is heartening to see so many of you here today. I want to thank everyone involved in this event for working very hard, especially Masjid An Nur and Ride of Hope SG for organising this event. 

4.   I urge all of us to look out for one another, and to steer our peers and loved ones towards a healthy lifestyle, away from drugs. Together, with all your support, we can win the fight against drug abuse.

5.   Once again, thank you and stay safe.