Home Team Training Excellence Awards Ceremony - Speech by Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of National Development

Published: 06 December 2022

SA (Special Duties)

Chief Executive Home Team Academy

Heads of Departments

Home Team colleagues


1.   A very good afternoon to all to you.

2.   I am very happy to be able to meet you at the Home Team Training Excellence (HT TraX) Awards Ceremony today. Thank you for having me.

3.   This year is especially meaningful as it is the first fully physical Awards Ceremony since COVID-19. I hope we will take this opportunity to re-connect with one another in person. 

Resilience in a Post-Pandemic World

4.   The COVID-19 pandemic had disrupted many aspects of our work and life, including the way we train in the Home Team. 

5.   The Home Team training and learning community did well to pivot its programmes online and offer hybrid modalities during this period to ensure continuity in training. 

6.   In the post-pandemic world, the Home Team must continue to be at the forefront of new learning technologies and find ways to use them effectively to achieve our training and learning objectives.

7.   I am heartened to know that HTA is already looking into this.

Virtual Reality

8.   For instance, HTA is exploring immersive technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) for soft skills training.

9.   In 2021, HTA piloted the first-ever VR package to refresh the instructional competencies of HT trainers and highlight key classroom management skills. 

10.   Over 110 trainers have experienced this package and more than 90% said they found VR technology useful for training and learning. The rest of the HT trainer community can look forward to more of such VR packages from HTA.

Smart Interconnected Classrooms

11.   HTA will also transform its classrooms into Smart Interconnected Classrooms (SIC) over the next few years.

12.   The SIC will have configurable layouts to facilitate hybrid training and a range of learning activities.

13.   It will allow trainers the flexibility to determine the layout and modality of training that will most effectively engage learners to enhance their experience and learning outcomes. 

Developing Trainers to Drive Change in Training and Learning

14.   However, new technologies and resources like those I mentioned need to be used effectively to help us achieve our training and learning goals. 

15.   It is therefore important for us to continue to develop our trainers to ensure they can harness technology to drive change in training and learning through their expertise and skills. 

HTA-SUSS Curriculum Design and Development Programme

16.   To support and upskill the competencies of our curriculum developers, HTA partnered the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) in 2021 to develop and pilot the HTA-SUSS Curriculum Design and Development Programme. 

17.   The programme deepens HT trainers’ expertise in instructional design, assessment and evaluation of training content.

18.   The pilot programme was well-received by participants and a second run was held this year due to popular demand. 

19.   HTA will continue to identify trainers who can benefit from the programme for upskilling over the next two to four years. 

Continuing Professional Development Programmes for Online Training 

20.   To equip our trainers to effectively conduct training in online modalities such as blended and virtual learning, HTA partnered the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) to develop and deliver two Continuing Professional Development Programmes this year. Bearing in mind the busy schedules of trainers, HTA and IAL had deliberately designed each programme to be covered within a day – so that trainers can acquire “just-in-time” and “just-enough” knowledge and skills to enhance their training delivery. 

21.   Participants who attended the programmes shared that the tech tools they learnt to use helped them to enhance the design and delivery of their training materials. 

Dedicated Advance Certification in Learning and Performance (ACLP) Runs for Home Team Departments 

22.   HTA is also enabling aspiring HT Trainers who desire to achieve professional certification in the Training and Adult Education sector. This is done through organising dedicated course runs for the WSQ Advance Certification in Learning and Performance (ACLP) for HT departments. These had commenced earlier on 14 November.

23.   HT Trainers who have graduated from the Upgrading Professionally – Through Specialist Certificate in Adult Learning and Education (UP-SCALE) programme will be exempted from 4 out of 6 modules for the ACLP course. 

2022 HT TraX Award Winners

24.   From our own learning experiences, we would know that the human element – the trainer – makes all the difference between in-person/hybrid/virtual training and simple e-learning. A good trainer is key to good learning engagement. 

25.   For training to be effective and successful, the trainer must know the needs of the participants, design the course well, and deliver the content effectively. 

26.   Only then, can our HT officers be well-trained and prepared to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. 

27.   Our HT TraX Award Winners serve as an inspiration to other trainers and embody this year’s theme of “Be the Change You Want to See”.

28.   This year, 17 trainers and 10 training units will receive the HT TraX Awards. Allow me to highlight a couple of award winners.

29.   First, Assistant Superintendent (ASP) Toh Wen Jin from ICA. He is the winner of the HT Trainer of the Year (Full Time) Award, a strong advocate for experiential training to make it authentic. 

30.   He goes the extra mile to use role-playing and simulated exercises to reinforce his trainees’ learning. 

31.   The next one, Mr Muhammad Hariz Bin Husaini from SPS. Hariz is the winner of the HT Trainer of the Year (Adjunct) Award. He designs training that is both relatable and effective.

32.   He uses a range of activities in his lessons to connect with learners and change their view of training from something burdensome to an interesting and exciting experience. These are just two examples and there are many others.

33.   I would like to congratulate all award winners. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to training our officers. 


34.   I also would like to remind everyone here today that we must work together as one HT Training Community to grow the HT training and learning landscape. The upskilling and reskilling of officers are essential in the increasingly complex world in which we have to operate. 

35.   I hope that today’s TraX award winners will inspire us to keep finding new ways to improve the design and delivery of training to our officers.

36.   Each one of you, regardless of your specific appointment or job scope, plays an important role to ensure that HT officers are equipped to keep Singapore safe and secure, now and in the future. 

37.   Thank you.