#ILiveFor DrugFreeSG Virtual Concert – Opening Remarks by Assoc Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of National Development

Published: 22 February 2021

1.    Good evening everyone, thank you for joining us today.


2.    The fight against drugs is never ending. It is challenging, it is demanding but it is necessary. Drugs are harmful. They destroy lives, families and relationships. In spite of the challenging global and regional drug situation, we must continue to keep our home safe from drugs, and we need your support to do that.


3.    For youths, please share with your loved ones about the negative impact of drug abuse and join us in committing towards staying drug-free. For parents, I urge you to find teachable moments to engage your children about the harms of drugs. Be concerned about their lives, about their social circles and guide them towards a positive healthy lifestyle.


4.    Today’s #ILiveFor virtual concert is organised in support of the drug-free Singapore movement. This is the first time CNB is organising a virtual concert and we are happy to have with us an array of talented performers, like-minded individuals who support our cause, to celebrate positivity and a healthy lifestyle. I want to thank them, and our community partners for helping to spread the anti-drug message. Together, we can realise a Singapore without drugs, where you can live, work and play safely.


5.    I hope you will enjoy the performances today, and find the programmes entertaining and educational. Do look out for the nuggets of information that will be interspersed throughout the concert.


6.    Without further ado, let’s get the concert started! Stay healthy, stay safe.