ISCOS Bursary Award Ceremony 2019 - Speech by Ms Sun Xueling, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of National Development

Published: 21 December 2019

Mr Chng Hwee Hong, Chairman of the Industrial & Services Co-Operative Society Ltd (ISCOS) Board of Trustees,


Mr Daniel Teo, Chairman of ISCOS Board of Directors,


Mr Alex Yeo, Chairman of ISCOS ReGen Fund Management Board,


Award Recipients,


Ladies and Gentlemen.


1. I see so many family members here today. I’m delighted to be here. I’m sure this is an exciting moment for all of you. I am glad to join you in celebrating the achievements of this year’s ISCOS Bursary Award recipients. My heartiest congratulations to all the award recipients. A big round of applause for everyone.


Fairy Godparent Programme


2. This is the ninth year of the Bursary Award. It was launched in 2011, under the Fairy Godparent Programme managed by the ISCOS ReGen Fund.


3. Since it started, the Fairy Godparent Programme has helped families to rebuild their lives through family and enrichment workshops, home improvement projects and sponsorships such as this Bursary Award. These initiatives are anchored in the belief that every young person should have the opportunity and means to realise his or her fullest potential, regardless of his or her circumstances.

ISCOS Bursary Award


4. This is why the ISCOS Bursary Award emphasises the value of a complete education to equip young people with the skills to pursue their aspirations and be able to lead productive and fulfilling lives.


5. The Bursary Award recognises more than academic performance – it also recognises the resilience of students who have overcome the challenges they faced and done well in their studies. We know that our students have such varied interests.


6. Today, I would like to make mention of Daiyan, one of the Bursary Award recipients. Supported by the Fairy Godparent Programme, Daiyan attends tuition classes and also pursues his passion for football by honing his skills at a football academy after school. Despite his challenging circumstances, Daiyan’s diligence and resilience paid off this year and he did well enough in the PSLE to qualify for the Normal (Academic) stream. I look forward to seeing Daiyan shine, both in school and on the pitch. Can we put our hands together and congratulate Daiyan and all the award recipients.


Community Support


7. Over half a million dollars in bursaries have been given to more than 1,500 deserving students since 2011. This year, close to $100,000 will be awarded to 320 beneficiaries across the primary, secondary and tertiary schools.


8. I am also pleased to learn that the Fairy Godparent Programme continues to explore new ways to support a holistic education, such as sponsorship of tertiary education for those who want to further their studies in the classroom. As for those who wish to pursue their interests outside the classroom, the Fairy Godparent Programme now offers after-school enrichment activities based on students’ interests - and that can be music, dance, or sports.


9. But our Fairy Godparents do not work their magic alone. The Bursary Award is made possible each year by the generosity and strong support from like-minded community members.


10. We would like to thank the Lee Foundation and Sheng Siong Group. They have been actively contributing to the Bursary Award over the years. We also would like to thank the Catholic High School Class of 69 and 71 for sponsoring the Outstanding Achievement and Good Progress Awards. I am moved by your commitment to this worthy cause and hope that it will encourage others to step forward to contribute.



11. In closing, I would like to congratulate the recipients and their families again. May the recognition of your achievements motivate you to do better.


12. As for the rest of us, may the achievements of these students also encourage us to persevere in our pursuits. More importantly, hopefully this inspires us to give back to our communities and uplift each other so that every person can realise their full potential.


13. Thank you.


Community Engagement