National Civil Defence Cadet Corps' Affirmation Day 2019 - Speech by Mr Amrin Amin, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs

Published: 13 July 2019

Deputy Commissioner Anwar Abdullah,


Principals, Teachers,


Representatives from People’s Association and Kampong Chai Chee Community Centre,


NCDCC cadets,


Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,


A very good morning.


1. We are here today to recognise the outstanding performance of our cadets and school units, and witness the affirmation of new cadets joining the NCDCC family.


2. 2019 is also a landmark year for SCDF. This marks 150 years of Civil Defence volunteerism in Singapore. It began in 1869 with the formation of the Volunteer Fire Brigade.


3. The NCDCC is an integral part of SCDF’s volunteerism outreach efforts.


4. The movement has grown in popularity and significance over the years. It started in 2005 with just 12 school units. Today, it grown to 38 school units with over 2,000 cadets. And what is of significance today is that you are the only uniformed group that has an affirmation ceremony, with all the cadets in one place in the community.


5. The message is clear; we are here before the community because you are trained to serve the community. You have to give back.,


Recognition of Award Recipients and Affirmation of New Cadets


6. I would like to congratulate our award recipients for their outstanding performance and contributions to NCDCC. First, the school units which are receiving the Unit Overall Proficiency Award. This award recognises their achievements in developing cadets. Second, the outstanding cadets who are receiving the SCDF-NCDCC badge, which is awarded to only the top two percent of cadets.


7. These award recipients have set a high standard of achievement and contributed to NCDCC’s strong standing in our community today.


8. So congratulations to you on your achievements.


9. As we celebrate the achievements of our award recipients, we also affirm and welcome our new cadets, who will have the opportunities to step into the shoes of their seniors.


10. For new cadets, this is a milestone event because it marks the beginning of your new role.


11. Along the way, you will experience many new and enriching experiences, from Service Month projects, specialisation courses, and SGSecure roadshows.


12. I hope these experiences will develop your leadership and life-saving skills, and also spur you to become active Community First Responders and advocates of the SGSecure movement.


13. It is therefore appropriate that the theme for this year’s NCDCC Day is ‘Serving with Passion’.


14. I strongly encourage you to make full use of the opportunities available, develop yourselves to become committed youth leaders, and serve in your homes, in your schools, and in the larger community. Generations of people, of civil defence volunteers, have done that. And you can better that with the very rich resources that you have today.


Commemoration of 150 years of Civil Defence Volunteerism


15. In 1869, when the Volunteer Fire Brigade started out, they did not have much resources. But they persevered, they continued, and because of their contributions, they have set the course of history.


16. It is your job to continue this glorious history – citizens stepping forward to render assistance during emergencies, and this laid the path for the SCDF volunteer schemes today.


17. As NCDCC cadets, you have the opportunity to inspire and motivate others towards civil defence volunteerism and community first response. It is your duty to continue this history.


18. I encourage you to look beyond your time as a cadet, and to continue to volunteer regardless of your stage in life.


19. Even after you graduate from your secondary schools, you will always be part of the NCDCC family. You can continue to volunteer as Cadet Lieutenants and Honorary Officers.


20. And beyond NCDCC, there are other volunteering opportunities where you can continue to apply what you have learnt – as Civil Defence Lionhearters in post-secondary institutions, and serving alongside SCDF regular officers in the Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit.


21. 150 years of civil defence volunteerism only came about because of the hard work and dedication of earlier volunteers. You are a part of this history, and 50 years down the road, when it is time to celebrate 200 years, I hope you have your stories, and can share your stories with the next generation of cadets.


Updates to NCDCC’s Curriculum


22. To keep up with the latest developments, and to ensure our NCDCC cadets can continue to enjoy meaningful and engaging experiences, the NCDCC has been updating its curriculum.


23. First, it has introduced a new Psychological First-Aid badge programme, which allows cadets to learn basic strategies and techniques to care for the emotional needs of casualties in the aftermath of a crisis.


24. Second, the new NCDCC Specialisation Course allows cadets to choose and specialise in fire safety, medical response, and urban search and rescue specialisation.


25. Third, training will become more engaging through the use of technology. I am pleased to share two exciting developments.


26. The first is the Fire Safety Interactive Module will be customised for the MOE Student Learning Space, and will allow cadets to learn about fire safety in an immersive online game.


27. Second, the Civil Defence Knowledge Module will provide an immersive online learning environment where cadets can learn about SCDF and NCDCC through the eyes of cadet Leo.


Recognition of Community Partners


28. Last but not least, I would like to take the opportunity to recognise the following partners who have contributed to NCDCC’s growth, and allowed NCDCC to continue to offer meaningful and engaging experiences for cadets.


29. The first is the National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council (NFEC) for their sponsorship and support of NCDCC activities.


30. The second group are students from the Nanyang Polytechnic School of Health and Social Sciences who have partnered NCDCC to create projects on fire safety awareness and first-aid.


31. Third is the People’s Association and Kampong Chai Chee CC for their support to partner NCDCC in various events.


32. And finally, the Public Utilities Board for partnering cadets to spread water conservation messages in their schools and communities.


33. These partners have set up booths here today, and please visit them to find out more about their work.




34. Today, as we celebrate your affirmation as new cadets, we also look back to commemorate the many partners and volunteers who have made 150 years of civil defence volunteerism possible.


35. As we witness new updates to NCDCC’s curriculum, we also look back to celebrate the achievements of the various award recipients.


36. I am sure that this will be the start of a most enriching and beneficial journey for you.


37. I look forward to seeing you use the skills that you will be learning, to contribute towards the safety of our community, and to contribute to the history of civil defence volunteerism.


38. I wish everyone a pleasant day ahead.


39. Thank you very much.


Civil Defence and Emergency Preparedness