Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA) Case Management Services (CMS) Graduation Ceremony 2023 – Opening Address by Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of National Development

Published: 25 March 2023

Vice-President SANA, Mr Kaka Singh

Deputy Commissioner of Prisons, Mr Terrence Goh 

Colleagues from SANA, the Singapore Prison Service and the Central Narcotics Bureau, 

SANA Peer Leaders and Befrienders,

Proud graduates and family members,


1.   A very good morning to all of you.

2.   It is my honour and privilege to be able to join you today to attend the Case Management Services inaugural graduation ceremony. 

3.   Today marks the culmination of a year-long programme which aims to help our graduates in their reintegration journey.

4.   This is a significant milestone for the 18 of you and I am happy to be part of this celebration. 

Dawn of a New Beginning

5.   The road towards recovery is one that can be filled with many challenges.

6.   I am confident that you have learnt the skills to overcome these obstacles. And you will be able to apply them.

7.   But you will not walk this journey alone.

8.   SANA will be by your side as you continue on the road to recovery. 

9.   This is why today’s event is aptly named as ’A Journey We Will Walk with You’.

10.   It tells of SANA’s commitment and dedication that you will not walk alone.

Human Interest Story

11.   Some of you might have doubts of your ability to lead a drug-free life.

12.   Let me share with you a story of someone here today, Mr Faiz, also our emcee for this ceremony. 

13.   He is a good example of someone who has completed the programme and has been drug-free since 2021. 

14.   Today, Faiz is working as a Manager at Scarlet Hotel, and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science with Honours in International Tourism and Hospitality Management.

15.   Faiz is also volunteering with SANA as a Peer Leader. He hopes that his experiences can help inspire and motivate others to persevere in their recovery journey too. So, please give Faiz a big round of applause.

16.   And just like Faiz, I am hopeful that one day, you can be an inspiration to others too. 

Support from Peers and Volunteers

17.   Today, we are also joined by two important groups of people, our SANA Kakis and our SANA Peer Leaders.

18.   SANA Kakis are befrienders who seek to stay in touch with you to offer you support. For example, they will invite you to join activities organised by SANA. They can also link you up with financial and employment assistance, if you need it. 

19.   More importantly, they will be there to provide you with the listening ear if you ever need someone to talk to.

20.   SANA Peer Leaders are individuals who have maintained a drug-free life and are now volunteering to help those starting on their road to recovery.  

21.   Together with our SANA Step-Up Centres, SANA Kakis and Peer Leaders will be here to support you, as you embark on the next phase of your journey.

22.   All your journeys will be different. I think nothing is impossible. I have seen people who have stayed drug-free for many years. If they can do it, so can you. We are trying our best to strengthen the ecosystem so that there is support to help you in your journey. 


23.   Once again, let me take this opportunity to congratulate each one of you for having completed the programme, and I wish you every success in your recovery journey.

24.   Thank you.