Singapore Prison Service Volunteers Awards Ceremony 2017 - Opening Remarks by Mr Amrin Amin, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health

Published: 22 September 2017

Commissioner Mr Desmond Chin,

Professor Ho Peng Kee,

And everyone.

A very good evening and thank you very much for being here.


1.     I'm very happy to see everyone, and it's very nice to see that there are so many people who care.


2.     I think being the change and agents of change, all of us have done a wonderful job.


3.     I've read about the good work that has been done by various organisations: the Prison Fellowship Singapore (PFS), The Buddhist Centre, The Hindu Centre, the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), Jamiyah Singapore, and so many others. I think it's wonderful, the work that we do, inspiring individuals.


4.     We watched the video featuring Ms Yashodhara Dhoraisingam's (The Hindu Centre) story and the Venerable Shi Xiang Yang (Singapore Buddhist Federation) story. And I like what he said, "我们是家人"; we are family. It is a very wonderful thing, and it is very nice to be among all of you. I would love to hear your stories on why you continue doing what you do. It is very nice to hear about what drives you. So let's have a conversation. 


5.     But there's one person that I think deserves some mention, and that is Professor Ho. Even after political office he continues doing what he's doing, still as passionate as ever and full of energy. I think that's a wonderful thing. Let's give him a big round of applause. 


6.     And of course not forgetting Yasho's story, and the Venerable Shi's story. There's so many of us here today, with so much to give. 


7.     Just now, someone talked about walking the corridors of Cluster B. I've always wondered, what happened in their lives? Where we could have come in, have we done enough, and can we do more? 


8.     Something that drives me is: I keep thinking that if I had been born to a different family, if I had been with a different friend. It could have been me in there; it could have been any of us. 


9.     So it's important that we have a heart and that we continue doing what we do, and we do our very best. If we think we've done our best, let's do better than best. I'm not an ACS boy so I can say it: "the best is yet to be". 

10.     To all of you, thank you very much, let's continue to be the change, and let's take care of our fellow 家人. Thank you very much. 谢谢.


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