Singapore Ride Safe 2021 - Speech by Mr Desmond Tan, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment

Published: 29 October 2021

Introduction – Singapore Ride Safe

1.   A very good day to all. It is my pleasure to join you virtually today for the launch of Singapore Ride Safe 2021.

2.   This is the fifteenth year of the Singapore Ride Safe campaign and the key message of riding safely remains as important as ever.

Motorcyclists are Vulnerable

3.   With the increase in road traffic activity in 2021, we have seen more accidents resulting in deaths and injuries in the first half of this year, as compared to the same period in 2020. We are concerned that motorcyclists remain over-represented in road traffic accidents resulting in death or injuries.

a.   Motorcyclists continue to account for more than half of all traffic accidents in Singapore.
b.   In the first half of this year, 57% of all traffic accidents in Singapore involved motorcyclists and the pillion riders. This made up 45% of all road traffic fatalities.

4.   This is very concerning and we all have to do more to keep our motorcyclists safe.

Wear Safe and Ride Safe

5.   As responsible road users, motorcyclists can help to keep themselves safe by putting on safety gear, such as helmet, riding jacket, gloves, and boots, when they’re riding.

6.   While accidents may still happen despite our best efforts, the safety gear will offer motorcyclists greater protection from more severe injuries. It may seem troublesome to put them on each time before riding, but I urge all motorcyclists to make it a habit to do so. It may just save your life should an unfortunate accident occur.

7.   In addition to wearing safety gear, motorcyclists can also keep safe by adopting safe riding practices. And this includes keeping within the speed limit, maintaining a safe braking distance from the vehicle in front, and staying clear of the blind spots of larger vehicles.

8.   To promote such behaviour, Traffic Police launched the “Reward the Rider” initiative over a one-month period last year. Motorcyclists who were spotted practising safe riding behaviour and donning the right protective gear were commended. We hope this will encourage more motorcyclists to wear safe and ride safe.

Enhancing Road Safety for All

9.   Roads are a part of our common space and we all have a part to play to keep it safe. As a community, we must continue to strengthen public education and outreach efforts to all road users. The Singapore Ride Safe campaign is a prime example of the efforts to encourage motorcyclists to practise safe riding habits.

10.   Traffic Police and its partners will also continue to engage other members of the community to enhance road safety. For example:

a.   For motorists, the Singapore Road Safety Council and Traffic Police launched the Singapore Road Safety Month 2021 campaign in May this year. The campaign focused on the importance of safe driving and the seriousness of red light running and speeding.
b.   As part of the Singapore Road Safety Month 2021, Traffic Police also launched the “Spot the Safe Motorist” programme to reward motorists who were spotted exhibiting safe driving behavior.
c.   For our elderly, the Road Safety for Seniors 2021 campaign was launched in July to encourage safe road-using behaviour amongst our elderly pedestrians. With jaywalking being the main cause of traffic accidents involving our seniors, it is crucial to emphasise the importance of using pedestrian crossings to cross the roads safely.

11.   There are also more upcoming public outreach efforts planned, including the Anti-Drink Driving Campaign during the year-end festive season to remind our motorists to drive responsibly.

12.   These outreach efforts, covering various segments of our community, represent our determination to make our roads safer for all.


13.   Road safety is a shared responsibility amongst all. All road users, including our motorcyclists, must do our part and be responsible when using the roads.

14.   With that, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Traffic Police, Singapore Road Safety Council, and the Land Transport Authority for their efforts in organising the Singapore Ride Safe 2021 for the motorcycling community as well as their sustained efforts in promoting road safety to all.

15.   On this note, it is my pleasure to launch the Singapore Ride Safe 2021 and do remember to wear safe and ride safe. Thank you.