Singapore Security Industry Awards 2023 – Speech by Ms Sun Xueling, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Social and Family Development

Published: 20 November 2023

Mr Raj Joshua Thomas, President, Security Association Singapore (SAS)

Ms Pearl Cheng, Director, Accounting Professionals Pte Ltd

Mr Aaron Chan, General Manager, Asgardian Labs Pte Ltd 

Mr William Seak, President, Association of Certified Security Agencies (ACSA)

Mr Ardi Amir, President, Union of Security Employees (USE)

Fellow Parliamentarians  

Distinguished guests

Ladies and gentlemen


1. A very good evening to everyone. I am very pleased to join all of you at this year’s Singapore Security Industry Awards ceremony. I would like to thank Joshua and his SAS committee for this meaningful event – now in its fourth run – to honour successful transformation efforts in the security industry. My thanks also to Accounting Professionals and Asgardian Labs for co-organising this year’s ceremony. 

2. We have made progress since the launch of the Security Industry Transformation Map (ITM) in 2018. We have seen greater adoption of technology solutions and more integration of systems, leading to more productive and effective operations. Security officers, with the support of their employers, have also upskilled themselves to meet new demands.

3. I am happy to note that the number of nominations received this year for the various award categories are much higher than last year. The quality of the nominations have also been commendable, setting new benchmarks for the industry. I wish to applaud all 125 award recipients for their good work, and for being role models for the rest of the industry. 

4. Technology and skills will continue to feature at the forefront of our transformation efforts. These are important priorities equally shared across our tripartite partners. Kindly allow me to elaborate further.

Technology Adoption 

5. First, on technology adoption. We are heartened to see that the vast majority of security agencies have adopted at least one Security Industry Digital Plan (IDP) solution, such as wearable technologies and automated visitor management systems. 

6. According to the recent Security Industry Survey 2022 conducted by the Ministry of Home Affairs, 91% of security officers surveyed agreed that the use of technology has reduced manual and mundane tasks for them. This has allowed them to be more vigilant and focused on their duties.

7. It therefore comes as no surprise that 88% of security agencies in the same survey said that they were keen to integrate even more advanced technology into their operations. They were encouraged by the benefits of the security technology they have employed, and are now eager to try newer types of solutions. So there is a match for what the employees want, and a match for what the security agencies, or employers, want. 

8. Let me cite some examples. Interlock Security & Investigation Services Pte Ltd (Interlock) and KABAM  Robotics, are among the winners for this year’s Best Video Analytics Solutions Providers award. Interlock’s and KABAM’s video analytics solution helps their clients with threat detection and response capabilities using artificial intelligence technology and machine learning to detect possible intrusions or suspicious objects. Upon detection, an alert is sent to on-site security officers for further response or investigations. KABAM also has a roving security robot that helps to monitor and patrol the premises. Now, this smart use of technology, as you can all imagine and understand, reduces the need for security officers to conduct extensive foot patrols, while still enhancing the accuracy of detections and improving overall security. 

9. I think we all know, what the average as well as median age of security officers on the ground is. So you can imagine that simple use of smart technology like what I have described earlier, can help reduce the need for extensive foot patrols and really goes a very long way in addressing the welfare and wellbeing issues for our security officers. 

10. We are also doing more to support our security agencies. At the recent Security Industry Conference, I announced the refreshed Security Industry Digital Plan 2.0, which was jointly developed by IMDA, MHA and the industry. It features an updated digital solutions roadmap to guide the industry towards adopting more integrated solutions, while also improving their cybersecurity and data protection defences. I hope this will catalyse the adoption of more inter-operable technology for integrated facilities management services, which we know has seen growing interest amongst security agencies and service buyers.

Upskilling of Security Officers

11. The next point I would like to make is that we must press on with upskilling efforts for our security officers. They are at the heart of the industry to lead the next bound of transformation. 

12. On this note, I would like to thank a very important stakeholder, and these are our security training providers. With the right training, security officers are more confident in carrying out their duties, and deliver high-quality services. 

13. So tonight, AETOS Training Academy and Metropolis Training Academy are among the winners of the Best Security Training Organisations award. AETOS helped to implement an integrated security screening course for one of its clients and this comprised scenario-based and simulation trainings. The course enhanced the security officers’ knowledge, abilities and instincts. 

14. Metropolis, meanwhile, delivers a range of security courses for different groups. They range from the Basic Licensing Units for new security officers, to more advanced courses for Chief Security Officers. Additional enhancement courses, such as on first aid and service excellence, are also offered for officers. 

15. I applaud AETOS and Metropolis for their efforts and dedication, which have shown fruitful results in enhancing their clients’ daily operations and producing highly capable security officers. 


16. In conclusion, I wish to thank all the employers and stakeholders present here today for working with us to professionalise and transform the private security industry. Transformation has never been easy – it is not easy for any industry, but for us, we have a heavier burden because we are responsible for safety and security in Singapore. So we have a very valued, sized responsibility to fulfil. This will take courage, perseverance, and dedication from all of us to continue these transformation efforts. The industry has come such a long way, so let us continue to build on this strong momentum. 

17. Once again, my heartiest congratulations to all the award recipients today! You are the leading examples in moving our industry forward. Thank you and I hope everyone will have a great evening ahead.