SPF Workplan Seminar 2021 - Message by Mr K. Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law

Published: 22 June 2021

Commissioner SPF
Deputy Commissioners
Police officers
Fellow Home Team colleagues


1.     In a challenging COVID-19 year, SPF has done well.

2.     I am proud of how our officers have responded to COVID-19, while maintaining a high standard of operational excellence.

3.     Your commitment and sacrifice have helped to keep Singapore and Singaporeans safe.

4.     A recent poll conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies in 2020 showed that public confidence in SPF remains very high. 87% were confident or very confident in the SPF. This was the highest amongst all state institutions surveyed in Singapore, and also globally, across other Police forces.

5.     We have to maintain this high level of public confidence, which is not an easy task, given the challenges faced by SPF and the Home Team in general.

6.     I have spoken about these challenges at length previously. Today, let me outline three ways for SPF to deal with these challenges which we have identified and discussed.


7.     First, technology.

8.     We have installed more than 90,000 Police cameras for example, and will be installing more in public areas across the island.

9.     These will be smart cameras equipped with analytical capabilities, and they will allow Police to detect criminal and security threats more quickly. Police can intervene faster.

10.     Another example, we will increase the use of drones to enhance sense-making during security incidents. 

11.     We have also installed Police Beacons at Sengkang and Punggol park connectors. These project greater Police presence, in quiet, secluded locations.

12.     And the automated self-help kiosks at Neighbourhood Police Centres, Police Posts will allow 24/7, more convenient, access to services by the public.

13.     And, these are only some examples. At a personal level, officers will know how tech has been introduced to benefit them. Each one of you.

14.     And, SPF will continue to use more technology in its operations to improve operational capabilities, to help officers better serve the public.

15.     So, that’s one. [Technology.]


16.     Second, training. Essential to sharpen the skillsets of our officers. We will train more frontline officers in counter-terrorism tactics and response, and deepen expertise for our officers in cybercrime and financial crime.

17.     We will also use more technology in training, mixed reality systems, artificial intelligence, for greater realism and effectiveness.

18.     One example, Police have introduced the Mobile Taser Training Target, and Live Instrumentation Training System that uses sensors and analytics to provide real-time feedback on officers’ performance during training. That can help sharpen officers’ tradecraft and can help build confidence in their tactical response.

19.     We will continue to help officers deepen their expertise, to deal with the new security challenges.


20.     Third, culture. Culture of SPF.

21.     SPF has to maintain high standards of operational excellence, and protect its reputation as a professional, impartial Police Force.

22.     We must give our very best in fighting crime, protecting the public, and in doing so, we have to remain absolutely impartial in carrying out our duties, regardless of race, religion, wealth, social status, affiliation.

23.     SPF has built a strong culture over the years, anchored on its core values – Courage, Loyalty, Integrity, Fairness.

24.     We have to remain steadfast in these values, and the mission of SPF – uphold the highest standards of professionalism, strive to keep Singapore the safest place in the world.


25.     Last year was the 200th anniversary of the Singapore Police Force.

26.     Because of the pandemic, we could not commemorate this extremely significant occasion, in the way it deserved to be celebrated and commemorated, and share it with the community.

27.     But we commemorated it nevertheless because of the importance of the occasion, and I take this opportunity to thank all SPF officers, past and present, for your sacrifices and commitment.

28.     We are confident that SPF will continue to keep Singapore safe and secure, for many more generations.

29.     Thank you.