The Graduation Parade of the 165th Intake Full-Time National Servicemen – Speech by Mr Desmond Lee, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of National Development

Published: 20 January 2017

Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Loy Chye Meng, Commander Training Command


Graduating National Servicemen,


Parents and Guests,


Ladies and Gentlemen,




1. A very good evening to all of you. On behalf of the Home Team, a very warm welcome to all our parents and our guests of our graduating National Servicemen. To all our graduates, congratulations on completing your 14-week Police basic training. As I was inspecting the Guard of Honour, I spoke to one of the officers graduating, Louis, and I asked him who is here today. He said his parents are here and I said "they must be very proud of you". Immediately he gave a beaming smile, a sense of achievement of having done his family proud. I am sure this reflects the experience of many parents, grandparents and family members here.


2. Indeed, our Police NSmen help safeguard our peace and security in Singapore. For instance, they keep our public transport system safe. You may not know this, but there are around 400 NSFs performing frontline duties in the Public Transport Security Command. You would have seen them maintaining law and order during your daily commute. This is just one of many examples where our NSFs play a critical frontline role. Our NS officers are well-trained. They work alongside our regular Police officers, discharging their duties in a professional and dedicated manner.


Importance of National Service (NS) in Singapore


3. National Service is an integral part of our nation building. It is a source of pride and strength for Singapore. Over many generations, it has brought Singaporean men from different races and backgrounds together in a shared experience, united by a common responsibility to protect our home.


Full-Time National Servicemen (NSFs) play a Key Role in the Home Team


4. To our graduates here, today marks an important milestone in your NS journey. The 14 weeks of basic training has equipped you with the necessary foundational knowledge and skills. It has also instilled in you the values, discipline and conduct expected of all Police Officers.


5. Most of you will continue with your vocational training to prepare you for deployment to the respective units in the Police Force. Some of you will undergo the three-month Ground Response Force training at the Home Team Academy to prepare you for frontline policing duties. Yet another group of you will be posted to Specialist Units such as the Police Coast Guard, Special Operations Command, Public Transport Security Command or the K-9 unit where you will receive intensive specialised training. Some of you will also be put through the Officer Cadet Course, where you will receive training to prepare yourself for leadership roles in various SPF units.


6. The SPF has been increasing the number of leadership and specialist posts for our NSFs. As an NSF, you can now hold Group Leader positions in Public Transport Security Command and Protective Security Command, and specialist roles in the Neighbourhood Police Centres, Airport Police, Police Coast Guard and Special Operations Command. To better equip you to take up these roles, we have put in place more training and development programmes to grow you, to groom you and to develop you. For example, SPF introduced the Junior Commander Course in September last year to train our NSFs in leadership and supervisory skills. This will equip you with the skills and knowledge to take on leadership roles in the Force. In future when you go out to the workforce and society, these skills will also stand you in good stead.


SPF's Responsibilities and Core Values


7. Regardless of your vocation within the Police Force, all of you have an important duty to prevent, deter and detect crime in Singapore. You have to uphold the SPF's core values of Courage, Loyalty, Integrity and Fairness. Courage - to uphold the law, and to safeguard the lives and safety of fellow Singaporeans. Loyalty - to our country, the Police Force and the people that you are sworn to serve. And you must also uphold the highest standards of integrity, and never abuse the authority or trust given to you. You must be objective and fair in your dealings with all, regardless of race, language, religion, or background. These are timeless values which will guide you throughout the course of your life, even after you have completed your NS.


Tackling Threats to Singapore's Safety with the Community


8. Terrorism remains a clear and present danger for Singapore. Police Officers of different vocations have an important role to play in our fight against terrorism. Our Special Operations Command officers are specially trained and equipped to deal with armed attacks. Our recently commissioned Emergency Response Team are armed with greater firepower and deployed strategically around the island so that we can respond quickly to any terrorist attack. Our Ground Response Force officers, who are the first responders on the ground, play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of those in the vicinity of the incident.


9. The community also plays an important role alongside the Police and the Home Team in the fight against terrorism. We launched the SGSecure movement last September as a call to action for all Singaporeans to do our part to safeguard our way of life and stand united in the fight against terrorism.


10. As a Police Officer, you have an important role to play in mobilising our community to do our part and participate in the SGSecure movement. Some of you will be helping to educate fellow Singaporeans to be vigilant towards potential threats, and how they can protect themselves and their loved ones in the event of an attack. Your role in leading and galvanising the community will play a big part in ensuring the success of the SGSecure movement and the safety and well-being of Singaporeans.




11. I hope you will always exemplify the four core values of the Singapore Police Force, and wear your uniform with pride. Thank you for your contribution to Singapore. I am confident that all of you will do your best to ensure the safety and security of Singapore and Singaporeans. And to all our parents and family members of our graduates, thank you very much for your unstinting support to National Service.


Managing Security Threats