The Revamped Emergency Preparedness Day Held in Jurong Spring - Opening Remarks by Mr Desmond Lee, Senior Minister of State for Home Affairs and MP for Jurong GRC

Published: 29 May 2016



1.     Residents and friends, thank you for joining us this morning for the "SG Secure in the Neighbourhood" initiative as part of our revamped EP Day. Many of you would have joined us in previous years on Emergency Preparedness Days. This year, it is very different.


Being Vigilant and Prepared; Protecting Singapore's Social Fabric


2.     The revamped EP Day is one of our several signature programmes to introduce SG Secure as a movement to our neighbourhoods, to our heartlands.


3.     The SG Secure movement was announced in March this year by Minister K Shanmugam as our community's response to counter the threat of terrorism. Through SG Secure programmes, we hope to prepare our residents on how we can be more vigilant and alert, and at the same time, equip all of us with skills and knowledge on how to respond both during and after an attack.


4.     The threat of terrorism is real. Singapore faces serious risks. The attacks in Paris last year as well as in Jakarta and Brussels this year show that terrorists are targeting major cities and hitting soft targets like public places and common congregation areas to inflict maximum casualties and damage.


5.     We must be prepared and equip ourselves with the skills and knowledge on how to respond in the event of an attack, and how we can help others as well as ourselves and loved ones. If and when an attack occurs, we must also overcome adversity together as one people and must protect our unique social fabric and the harmony that we have built up painstakingly over all these years.


A Community of Prepared Citizens


6.     For the SG Secure movement to succeed, we need everyone to participate actively. I had the chance to speak to some of our volunteers and residents who had in the last few days and weeks, undergone some training to help out in this EP Day. They took part in hands-on training and participated in the drill earlier.


7.     I am encouraged by their commitment and enthusiasm in doing their part to ensure the safety and security of our neighbourhood. Their training will benefit themselves, their families and fellow Singaporeans in times of crisis.  I also hope that our volunteers will share what they have learnt with others - their family members, neighbours and friends - so that together, we can build a Community of Prepared Citizens. 


8.     The Home Team and the People's Association have put together an interesting line-up of activities at this morning's revamped EP Day, ranging from how you should Run, Hide and Tellduring an attack, to how to do CPR-AED as well as basic first aid and basic fire fighting skills. For those who are able to, please download the mobile apps, which you can then use to send information and request for assistance during an emergency. These are the i-Witness in the Police@SG app, the SMS 71999 service as well as MyResponder app. Take a few moments to download them so you can use them to protect your families, neighbours and Singaporeans.


9.     There will also be a simulated terrorist attack involving the Police's Emergency Response Team and the SCDF.  Through this simulation exercise, I hope you will take away some useful tips and information on what you should do should there be an attack.


Launch of the Community Emergency Guide


10.     Today, we will also be launching the Community Emergency Guide. It is a ground-up initiative by the Jurong grassroots members. This is a handy card that lists all emergency contacts that residents will need to know, such as telephone numbers for emergency and non-emergency assistance, and even the NCPC Ah Long Hotline! It also features concise information on the Police's Run, Hide, Tell advisory and skills such as operating a fire extinguisher.  


11.     The Community Emergency Guide is a good example of how each of us, as residents, can play a part to reach out to fellow residents by sharing information on how we can keep ourselves, our families and friends, safe and secure. This Guide will be rolled out to all other constituencies in Singapore for their use. I thank those who are behind this idea, for your initiative and innovation. Please continue your contributions to the SG Secure movement.




12.     In closing, I would like to thank all the volunteers, residents and grassroots leaders who underwent the relevant skills training modules and have taken part in today's drill. My appreciation also goes out to the SCDF, SPF and other Home Team officers who have facilitated training for Jurong residents and have set up training booths and exhibition for today's event.


13.     Let us pledge our commitment to stay alert to ever-present security threats, stay unitedas one people during peacetime and in crisis, and stay strong to be resilient and bounce back quickly in a crisis.


14.     Let me just address my residents in Mandarin.


15.     各位居民,朋友,大家早上好!


16.     我很高兴今天能够出席这个"全国保家安民计划" (SG Secure) 在邻里新改良的"紧急应变日"(Emergency Preparedness Day)。 "全国保家安民计划" (SG Secure) 是一项全国全民的反恐行动.


17.     这个项目的目的是为了提高我们的反恐意识和警觉心,并通过培训把我们的社会群众装备起来,掌握反恐的技术和知识。一旦发生恐怖袭击,我们才会懂得如何应对,如何处理,如何自救。


18.     通过这些技术培训,我们在恐怖袭击的时候才会比较能够保护自己和家人,和我们周围的朋友。今天的活动是以反恐为重点,让居民有更多机会参与。例如演练邻里发生挟持人质危机或恐怖爆炸时,该怎么应对。


19.     我们希望通过演习,让大家有机会实际应用所学到的反恐技术和知识,例如在事情发生时,怎么把"逃离、躲藏、通报" (Run, Hide, Tell) 化为行动,也能应用所学到的急救技术来帮助其他伤者。


20.     面对恐怖主义威胁,内政团队一定会尽一切所能保护我们的国家和国人。 但是反恐不能单靠政府。因为恐怖袭击随时随地可能会发生。所以要应对眼前非常严峻的恐怖袭击威胁,社区也能发挥关键作用。


21.     因此我希望每一个居民都能积极支持这项"全国保家安民计划" (SG Secure), 共同捍卫新加坡的安全, 稳定与和谐。


Translation of Mandarin speech


15.     Good morning to residents and friends.


16.     I am glad to attend the "SG Secure in the Neighbourhood" initiative as part of our revamped Emergency Preparedness Day (EP Day). The SG Secure movement aims to build a community of prepared citizens to respond effectively in the event of a terrorist attack.


17.     This initiative aims to prepare residents on how we can be more vigilant, and at the same time, equip all of us with skills and knowledge on how to respond during and after an attack. In the event of a terror attack, we will know what we should do, how to respond and how to help others. Through these training provided, we are then better able to protect ourselves, our families and friends.


18.     Today's event focuses on counter terrorism and provides training opportunities for residents to participate. For example, the scenario drills simulating terrorist attacks and hostage-taking situations will help residents to understand how they should respond in such situations.


19.     We hope that through these scenario drills, residents are able to familiarise themselves with the counter terrorism knowledge and skills, such as how to implement the "Run, Hide, Tell", and how to use the basic first aid skills that they have learnt to help casualties.


20.     In the event of a terror attack, the Home Team will do its best to protect our country and our citizens. However, the fight against terror cannot be the Government's alone. Terror attacks can occur anywhere and anytime. Therefore, the community's involvement is extremely important to deal with the terror threat that we are facing.


21.     I hope that every resident can actively participate in SG Secure, and work together to protect Singapore's safety, stability and harmony.



Civil Defence and Emergency Preparedness