Traffic Police’s and Singapore Road Safety Council’s Senior Citizen Event – Speech by Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of National Development

Published: 16 July 2021


1.   Good morning everyone! I am very pleased to join you to launch the Traffic Police’s (TP) and Singapore Road Safety Council’s (SRSC) Senior Citizen Event.


2.   We value our senior citizens who – through a lifetime of contributions – have played an important role in shaping Singapore to become the place we call home today. As population health has improved, lifespans have increased. Senior citizens will make up an increasing part of Singapore’s population.

3.   The Government and SRSC are paying very close attention to the safety of our senior citizens, so that you can fully enjoy your Golden Years as you move around and go out and about every day in our beautiful city. This is an important priority of ours.

Efforts to Improve Road Safety for Senior Citizens

4.   We have improved our road infrastructure to make it more senior-friendly.

  1. One such initiative is the Green Man Plus. These are the pedestrian crossings where senior citizens can tap their concession card on the reader above the push button on the traffic light. This provides senior citizens with more time to cross the roads.

  2. The Land Transport Authority is also targeting to implement 50 Silver Zones by 2023. Silver Zones are located at places with a high senior population. Silver Zones have enhanced road safety measures.

  3. Zebra crossings in Silver Zones have a bright yellow “LOOK” marking to remind our senior citizens to look out for traffic before crossing.

  4. When driving in Silver Zones, drivers are required to adhere to the lowered speed limit of 30 or 40 km/h, compared to the usual speed limit of 70km/h on normal roads.

  5. TP also encourages drivers to exercise extra caution and signal early to indicate their intent when driving in Silver Zones and approaching a pedestrian crossing.

Road Safety is a Shared Responsibility

5.   I also want to emphasise that road safety is a shared responsibility. Everyone plays a part in making our roads safer.

6.   We want to encourage you, our seniors, to take greater care on the roads. As we grow older, our reflexes may slow down. Crossing the roads may take longer than in the past. It is hence even more important to follow traffic rules.

  1. Please never jaywalk! Jaywalking is dangerous and can lead to disastrous consequences. Always cross the roads using approved crossings, such as junctions with traffic signals, or zebra crossings.

  2. Do also keep a lookout for incoming traffic before crossing.

7.   With your active cooperation, we can all build good road safety habits together.


8.   With this, I wish everyone an enjoyable day and safe year ahead! Thank you.