Visit to SCDF Memorial Garden – Speech by Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law

Published: 04 May 2023

Commissioner Eric Yap,

Family members and colleagues of SGT1 Edward H Go and SGT Shaik Amran Bin Shaik Jamal,

SCDF officers – past and present

Good evening.


1.   We are here today to remember and pay tribute to SGT1 Edward H Go and to SGT Shaik Amran Bin Shaik Jamal who both lost their lives in the line of duty. 

Tribute to SGT1 Edward H Go

2.   SGT1 Edward H Go was a dedicated NSF firefighter from Central Fire Station. 

3.   He lost his life while fighting a fire at Henderson Road last December. 

4.   SGT1 Edward is remembered by his colleagues for being a humble, helpful officer, and a great team player. 

5.   He built excellent rapport with his colleagues. 

6.   He was professional and committed as a firefighter. 

7.   This memorial garden is a physical testament that we have not forgotten him, and that we will never forget him.

Tribute to SGT Shaik Amran Bin Shaik Jamal

8.   Today, we also remember SGT Shaik Amran Bin Shaik Jamal, a regular firefighter from Woodlands Fire Station. 

9.   He lost his life in a road traffic accident when responding to a fire in January 2006. 

10.   His peers remember him to be a hardworking and responsible Section Commander, who performed his duties admirably.

11.   He was a keen learner, constantly seeking to upgrade his skills and knowledge.

Unveiling of Memorial Monument & Corner

12.   This SCDF memorial garden – we chose for it to be located in the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery. A lot of people visit it, a lot of Singaporeans know about this fire station, its uniqueness. It represents our small gesture, gratitude, and memory of the officers who lost their lives. 

13.   The marble rectangular monument is the centrepiece of the memorial. It seeks to symbolise strength, courage and purity, and in that way, honouring the brave sacrifice and selflessness of the two officers. 

14.   The LED lights on the monument represent our remembrance for the fallen officers. They also represent comfort and hope to visitors who are paying homage to them. 

15.   The flowing water feature at the base of the monument signifies renewal and reflection. 

16.   These officers will continue to inspire us, and we will keep their memories alive through this memorial garden. 

17.   It is also a reminder of SCDF’s mission to protect and save lives and property, a responsibility that SCDF does not take lightly. 

18.   It is a responsibility that each member of the Force carries solemnly every day, as they put their lives on the line to keep Singapore and Singaporeans safe.

19.   To the families of SGT1 Edward and SGT Shaik, your loss is not measurable nor can it be described in words. 

20.   What we can do, amongst other things is to make this gesture. 

21.   They gave their lives serving the Nation. 

22.   Thank you.