Victim Care Cadre Programme  (VCCP)

Victim Care Cadre Programme (VCCP)

Victim Care Cadre (VCC) volunteers work with the Police to support victims of crime, including victims of sexual crimes or other serious offences. They are trained to provide a listening ear and to look out for these victims, who may be struggling to cope in the aftermath of trauma.

As a VCC volunteer, you will provide emotional support to victims and advise them about processes or coping with trauma. You will also be there for those who are going through court proceedings.

Volunteers need to have the relevant background in areas such as psychology, social work, counselling etc.

Volunteers will undergo an intensive selection and training course, as well as screening before they are appointed for a 2-year minimum period.

Key Details

Commitment Duty Timings
Appointed for a 2-year period Depending on clients’ needs
Volunteer with Skills and Interest
Singapore Police Force Psychological First Aid

Did you know? The VCC started in 2014 with 15 people. We now have more than 90 volunteers trained by police psychiatrists to offer support and empathy to victims of crime.

Who Is Eligible

You will need to meet these criteria:

How to Apply

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Joining CDAU has allowed me to equip myself with specialized knowledge and skills, as well as the opportunity to contribute back to my community.

SGT 2 (V) John Joel Seow

Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit

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I take pride in working with the regular officers, PNSFs, PNSmen and civilian staff to maintain law and order, and to keep Singapore safe. I also enjoy interacting with members of the public during our patrols and roadshows. I feel I am part of a larger family and this keeps inspiring me to do my best.

ASP (V) Seah Ching San, Paul

Volunteer Special Constabulary and Honorary Officer, National Police Cadet Corps

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There's a place for everyone and as a volunteer, we can help reintegrate ex-offenders back into society by spreading messages of second chances.

Jenap M. Said

Yellow Ribbon Project

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