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MHA Civilian Scholarship

The Ministry of Home Affairs Civilian Scholarship is awarded to all-rounded individuals who are passionate about strengthening Singapore’s safety and security in a civilian appointment.

Depending on your interests and aspirations, you can choose from a range of meaningful and rewarding career options as a Generalist or Specialist (Commercial Affairs, Intelligence, Internal Security, Psychology).

This scholarship will allow you to kickstart your leadership journey in the Home Team. You will receive the opportunity to pursue your undergraduate studies at a prestigious local or overseas university. Upon your return, you can look forward to learning and development opportunities to equip you as a future leader in the Home Team.

Scholarship Details

Career trackOffered by
MHA Civilian (Generalist) Career

MHA Civilian (Specialist) Career
Civilian (Generalist) *

Civilian (Specialist) - *There will be opportunities for one to be posted to other Home Team agencies in the course of one’s career.
Country of studyCourse of study
Local or overseas universities

For the Civilian (Generalist) track, the Civilian (Specialist) - Internal Security track and the Civilian (Specialist) - Intelligence track:

  • Most disciplines (except medicine, dentistry and architecture)^

For the Civilian (Specialist) - Psychology track:

  • Psychology

For the Civilian (Specialist) - Commercial Affairs track:

  • Accountancy, Law, Business Administration, Business or Economics.^

^Applicants intending to pursue a degree in Law will not be called to the Bar while serving in the Home Team.

Application periodBond period
1 September 2023 - 15 March 2024
  • 4 years for local studies

  • 5 years for studies in non-English speaking countries

  • 6 years for studies in English speaking countries

The bond period starts on the day Scholarship recipients assume official duty after completing their studies.
 Scholarship Tiers
 The Scholarship Board can decide to offer you the following Scholarship tiers -

Singapore Government Scholarship (SGS), Local Merit Scholarship (LMS), Home Team Local Study Award (HTLSA)


Award Value and Benefits


Tuition fees and other approved charges


Monthly overseas or local maintenance allowance (including accommodation)


Pre-studies allowance e.g. warm clothing, computer


Return economy class airfare*


Sponsorship of Master’s and exchange programmes (if requirements are met)

Vacation Attachment Programme icon

Vacation Attachment Programme 

*for selected scholarship tiers



Your Leadership Journey

You will be exposed to various areas of work and leadership development opportunities throughout your career with the Home Team. Leadership and talent programmes are put in place to prepare MHA scholars to take up key appointments.

If you meet the criteria, you will be placed on the Home Team Leaders-in Development Programme, and be groomed as a future Home Team leader.

You may also be emplaced on the Public Sector Leadership Programme (PSLP), where you will acquire knowledge and capabilities to take on key leadership appointments in the Home Team and the wider Public Service.

Choose your career track: