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Grit and Guts: On the Mark (Part 2)

We bring you a rare glimpse into how the elite Special Tactics and Rescue (STAR) unit from the Special Operations Command of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) conduct their trainings to stay in tip-top shape.
SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 2 01
GRAPHIC: Joash Tan. PHOTOS: Alvin Loh and Joash Tan

In this two-parter, we went behind the scenes to check out the gruelling training that STAR units undergo, to maintain their exceptional operational agility and precision. Check out Part 1 here

On the day of our visit, the team of STAR operators were busy preparing their training for two scenarios: explosive method of entry and covert vehicle arrest.

Explosive Method of Entry
A few armed and dangerous men were holed up within an unused warehouse, planning their next nefarious activity. 

To neutralise the threat swiftly, the STAR operators would be employing explosives to gain entry. 

This method affords officers an element of surprise and speed, compared to ramming down the door, to avoid a shootout and endangering the lives of officers should the door not yield on first try.

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 2 02
STAR operators performing tactical reconnaissance.

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 2 03
A STAR operator preparing the charge, for detonation and entry. The rest of the operators and snipers provide coverage in case of enemy intrusion.

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 2 04
Snipers watching over the team as it conducts the preparation for explosive entry.

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 2 05
Operators took cover as the wall charge was detonated.

Within seconds, STAR operators stormed the stronghold.

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 2 06
Operators on guard against enemy fire upon entering.

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 2 07
STAR operators located the paper targets within the unit. Mission accomplished!

Catch the action on TikTok here!

Covert Vehicle Arrest

In this scenario, after a high-speed car chase not unlike those in Hollywood movies, STAR operators intercepted the target vehicle and carried out the arrest with their Tactical K-9 on standby. 

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 2 08
STAR Operators all geared up and ready to strike after the vehicle interception.

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 2 08
Operators swiftly alighted, surrounding the target vehicle and commanded the suspect to surrender.

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 2 09
Operators forced open the vehicle door and secured the suspect.

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 2 11
A Tactical K-9 on standby in case the suspect manages to give operators the slip.

SPF SOC STAR Grit & Guts PT 2 12
Suspect successfully subdued!

Watch the TikTok video here!

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About the STAR Unit
The STAR Unit, one of the units under the Special Operations Command, provides the SPF with the highest level of tactical armed-response capability. It is a unit equipped with formidable firepower and tactics to deal with highly dangerous criminals.

Written by

Joash Tan


19 October 2022

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