Declaration of Donations and Foreign Affiliations


To enhance transparency on the foreign funding of religious groups, religious groups are required to disclose to Registry of Foreign and Political Disclosures (RFPD) any single-time donation of S$10,000 or more if the donation is not from Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents.

Exemptions include:

Religious groups are advised to keep a proper record of all reportable donations and foreign affiliations from the Appointed Day (1 November 2022) onwards.


Religious groups with affiliations to foreign individuals or organisations who are in a position to exert control over them will have to declare to RFPD such affiliations.

Several major religions in Singapore take guidance on key tenets of their faiths from foreign entities (e.g. the Catholic Church in Singapore and the Vatican). These will have to be disclosed.


For religious groups that have no reportable donations and/or foreign affiliations for any of its reporting periods, they are not required to submit a declaration.

First declaration is to be submitted by 1st April of the following year after the Appointed Day (1 Nov 2022), i.e., by 1st Apr 2024. The first declaration will cover the reporting period from 1 Nov 2022 to 31 Dec 2023.

Subsequent declarations are to be submitted annually by 1st April of each year.

Modes of Declaration

For religious groups registered as societies under the Societies Act (i.e. with Registry of Societies) can access ROS website ( to make the declaration via iROSES Digital-eService.

For religious groups that are registered under any other law, such as companies and trusts, please make annual declaration of donations and foreign affiliations below.

[Note: Both Form A and Form B will be made available at a later date, closer to the declaration period in 2024].

For further clarification, please email

Details/Information required to make declaration

Reportable Donations

Reportable Foreign Affiliations


Declaring Donations and Foreign Affiliations Infographics (PDF, 1.20MB)