Declaration of Governing Body for a Religious Group


The "Governing body" of a religious group refers to the group of individuals who;



Religious groups[1] need to comply with the following leadership requirements:

[1] Religious groups include registered societies, companies, partnerships, or any other body of persons that promotes religion or religious worship, or deals with religious affairs of the practice, conduct, teaching or propagation of any religious beliefs.

[2] If the religious group is a company, the leadership requirements will be imposed on the persons in the entity that hold positions analogous to the President, Secretary, and Treasurer, such as that Chairman, Managing Director, and Company Secretary. If a religious group is a partnership, they would be the partners of the partnership. The leadership requirements do not apply to spiritual leaders who are foreigners and do not hold formal positions in the religious group’s governing body.


Effective Date

The effective date for which religious groups are required to comply with the MRHA’s leadership requirements will be announced at a later stage.



Religious groups with difficulties meeting the leadership requirements may be granted exemptions on a case-by-case basis. To learn more about the appeal process, religious groups may email to



Prior to Effective Date, it is mandatory for all religious groups to make a one-time declaration of their Governing Body to RFPD within 60 days of Appointed Day (1 November 2022), i.e., latest by 30 December 2022.

Thereafter, for each change that occurs in the governing bodies, religious groups are required to update the change with RFPD within 30 days of the change, using the forms below.


Modes of declaration

For religious groups registered as societies under the Societies Act (i.e. with Registry of Societies) can access ROS website ( to make the declaration via either one of the two iROSES Digital-eServices:

For religious groups that are registered under any other law, such as companies and trusts, please access the following links to declare the governing body.

Note: Both Form A and Form B will have to be submitted to complete the declaration process. Links will be active from 1 Nov 2022 onwards.

For guidance on submission of declaration:

User Guide for GB Declaration

For further clarification, please email


Details/Information required to make a declaration

One-time declaration within a 60-day period starting from Appointed Day

Ad-hoc declarations thereafter


Declaring your Religious Group's Governing Body Infographics (PDF, 1.42MB)